21 Blackjack Party

For those of you who have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and who love to play blackjack on the go, you will be quite pleased with what Spin3 is doing with their 21 Blackjack Party app.

Back in February of this year Spin3 was launched, and 21 Blackjack Party was their first game to be sold in the Apple App Store. Spin3 itself is actually a division of Spiral Solutions who is known for being a leader in eGaming services and managing those services.

The Spin3 21 Blackjack Party app has been a hit with those who like to play blackjack on the go, not to mention that this particular blackjack app is free.

But Spin3 was looking to take the abilities of the 21 Blackjack Party app further, make it even more well-known. And recently they found out just how to spread the word about their darling blackjack app: Facebook.

Yes, we are back to talking about Facebook again. But the social networking site is worming its way into everything in some form or another. I remember when people asked if businesses had a company website; now they ask if they have a Facebook page.

I digress.

So how is 21 Blackjack Party opening its little programmed heart to the social networking giant? It is quite simple really. Players who are playing can post their progress to their Facebook pages so that their friends can see just how awesome—or not awesome—they are doing with blackjack. At least that is the surface of this app’s integration with Facebook, but it is never as simple as what is on the surface anymore.

The Head of Spin3, Matti Zinder, said, “Our social lives and our digital lives are becoming more and more connected with more than 150 million active users currently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices globally.”

But Zinder also says, “It is crucial that Spin3 is active at the heart of new consumer trends and technologies. The ability to link our casino-style games into players’ digital lives represents a new level of integration and a huge opportunity for the mobile casino industry.”

Now I do not know about you, but to me it seems that under the surface Spin3 is using Facebook and 21 Blackjack Party as a bridge to try to increase their own customer base. Let current players post their blackjack progress and hope their friends will want to play too.

But those of you who are already playing 21 Blackjack Party, Spin3’s decision to link its app to Facebook should be a nice addition, especially if you want your friends to know just how good of a blackjack player you are.

New Blackjack App

And another blackjack app for the iPad is being launched. This one is from Viaden Mobile. Viaden is considered one of the most innovative developers of casino game applications for mobile devices. This time their app release is their Blackjack HD.

So far reviewers have said that is has the best graphic. But as well all know good graphics does not a good blackjack app make.

The Blackjack HD app actually contains three variations of the game. Players with this app can play standard multi-hand blackjack, Blackjack Switch or Blackjack Surrender.

To round out the Vegas feeling of this casino game app, Viaden has given the three variations contained in Blackjack HD casino music. They also try to give these games the feeling of playing with a live dealer through a voice that can announce hand totals and other sayings of blackjack dealers.

Viaden has given players interested in Blackjack HD another cookie. Since this app is not limited to only the iPad, it can be played on an iPhone or an iPod Touch, once a player purchases the app, they can install it on any of their devices that will support it without an extra fee.

Yuri Gurski, the head of Viaden Mobile, said of the app, “It is different from other apps because it is honest, both in the design and game play. Frankly speaking, I am proud of Blackjack HD because it is really one of a kind, a refreshing blackjack experience.”

While it is good for a company to be proud of its products, a part of me cannot help but think that this blackjack app is not going to differ in game play from other blackjack apps. After all, blackjack is blackjack.

Sure, the voiced dealer will add to the Vegas feeling, but that, to me, does not set a blackjack app above the rest. But the ability to install it on any supportable device does sound really nice. With the app only being $3.99 it is a nice alternative to some of the other apps that are not as well put together while still being a low price. And you are getting three games in fact.

Application to Help Teach Blackjack

Any novice blackjack players out there with an iPhone? You will be glad to know that recently an application was launched for the iPhone that helps teach blackjack to you on the go.

The application can also be used on an iPod or one of those new iPads. The only thing required of any of these Apple machines is that they have touch screen capabilities. For interested iPhone, iPod and iPad users the application can be found in the Apple Apps Store for $0.99.

With this new application users can be taught two different types of blackjack: Vegas Strip Blackjack and Atlantic City Blackjack, which is, for the most part, standard blackjack. The only difference in these two variations is that the dealer checks for blackjack before plays make their plays in Vegas Strip Blackjack.

In addition to having both blackjack variations to train with the application will also have blackjack strategy available—basic strategy I’m assuming since most training programs work with that blackjack strategy—as well as tables to help novice players learn the ins and outs of the game.

While working in the application, players utilize the touch screen feature of their iPhone, iPod or iPad to work within the application. Finger movements are said to resemble those used in a real game of blackjack. For example, if you were playing blackjack at a table in a casino and wished to stand, players would wave their palm over the table. In this blackjack training application, players simply slide their finger across the screen in a similar motion. They also push their chips around with their finger.

One of the good aspects of this training application is that, touch screen interface aside, it readies players for playing online. This is because players are taught in a single player versus electronic dealer rather than taught with other players around and a real dealer. This will allow those who train with application to make a smooth transition to playing blackjack online—which they are capable of doing with their Apple devices.

This makes it easy to learn how to play blackjack for those who are constantly on the go.