Parts of a Blackjack Strategy—The Second Half

So now that we’ve covered the first half of what you need for a blackjack strategy, how to play to impact the house edge and your odds, let’s take a look at the other half—the money part.

The money part is better known as your betting strategy. This is how you control the flow of your bankroll. It has an impact on your blackjack game because blackjack is a gambling game. It’s because of the gamble that you need a playing strategy in the first place. So it’s not wise to overlook your betting strategy.

A betting strategy is used so that you know how much to bet and when to bet it. A fair number of blackjack players advocate using a betting system, usually a progressive one.

There are two progressive betting systems that are most often used. In one you would double your bet each time you lost until you won, then returning to your original amount. This one is designed to overcome a losing streak. The other is the opposite—you would double your wager each time you won, returning to your original amount when you lose. This one is designed to make the most of a winning streak.

But there’s one problem that both of these general betting systems have.

They both assume that previous hands have an impact on future hands. That if you lose or win enough you will make up for what you have lost. And there is no guarantee that you will win enough to cover your losses and still make money.

So what can you do?

What you need to know in order to turn a profit in blackjack is know when to bet higher and when to bet lower. And there’s only one way to know that: card counting.

While card counting won’t guarantee that you will win all your larger bets, it will let you know when the remaining cards are rich in high cards that are good for strong player hands, or rich in lower cards. If you know that the remaining cards are rich in high cards, you have a stronger chance of winning so this is when you bet more. And you would reduce your bets when the remaining cards are rich in low cards.

The other benefit of card counting is that, if you are using basic strategy (and you should be), you can even out the odds, and even get a bit of an edge on the house.

Yes, card counting requires more practice and effort. But is by far a better betting strategy than using a progressive system that isn’t as accurate and can cause you to run through your bankroll—which doesn’t really allow you to control the flow of your bankroll. Card counting allows you to control it and also impact the game at the same time.