Online Blackjack and Card Counting

If you play blackjack in a land based casino it is to your best advantage to teach yourself card counting, and to become good at it. Not only do you want to be good so that your counting skills are more sound, but you don’t want to get caught either.

So you would think that card counting when playing blackjack online would be the most opportune place to do so. Nobody’s watching. No one will know. You could even open up your computer’s calculator and do your math there so that your adding and subtracting is free of errors.

But before you get too carried away imagining the glory and money to be had from card counting in online blackjack there is something you should know first.

You cannot count cards in online blackjack. At all.

Playing blackjack online means that there isn’t a dealer to shuffle the cards. For that matter, there aren’t any cards either. What you see on your screen is an image sent to you by the game’s software.

Because online blackjack is entirely electronic with no real cards, cards are not discarded at the end of a round. Yes, they fly off the opposite of the screen from where they are dealt, but it doesn’t mean that they are out of play.

Online blackjack can be compared to playing blackjack at a land based casino with a continuous shuffle machine (CSM). When a round of blackjack ends, the cards that were just played are returned to the deck, shuffled and then dealt for the next round. Since none of the cards are discarded and all are in play, it’s impossible to have an accurate count. And since none of the cards are discarded the rest of the deck can’t be rich in high or low cards.

The best you can do online is control your betting by betting the same amount each time. A progressive betting system might seem like a good idea here, but it isn’t because you can still run through your bankroll like you could at a land based casino. Stick with betting the same amount in online blackjack since you can’t count cards online.