Blackjack Philosophy No-No’s—Part V

Sorry that I got side tracked with betting strategies. Couldn’t help it. But betting is just as much a part of blackjack as knowing what to do with your cards is.

But we’ll go back to player contrived blackjack philosophies now.

This one is one of my favorites: Try to avoid bad blackjack players.

Seriously, this is one of those so-called blackjack philosophies.

The reason that I love it is that it gives me such a funny visual. Imagine being in a casino. You’re sitting at a blackjack table, and the guy next to you can’t play a hand worth anything. He’s too proud to use a basic strategy chart and is talking like he knows blackjack in and out. However his playing style betrays his lack of knowledge of the game. He is—cue scary music—a bad blackjack player!

You leave you table, and sneak off to another one. But he follows you. You leave to go to another one, and he follows you again. And again and again. You can see why this is funny to me.

The truth is that there’s very little sense in trying to avoid bad players. For one thing they don’t have an impact on how you play your cards—unless you’re making the mistake of taking his advice on how to play your hand. Like how third base doesn’t make or break the dealer. A bad player doesn’t affect your hand.

But what if he takes the card that would give you 21? The truth is that you don’t know if the card he hit for or the one after is better for your hand. But a bad player isn’t going to make or break your hand.

And you really can’t avoid a bad player. Truthfully, it would be disruptive for you to be changing tables to try to get away from them. It would also mean less time for you to play as well.

Keep an eye out for Blackjack Philosophy No-No’s—Part VI