Parts of a Blackjack Strategy—The First Half

In light of my post from yesterday on a betting strategy that works, I got to thinking about blackjack strategy. I’ve gone over what could be used as part of strategy, and do’s and don’ts, and just blackjack tips. But I don’t think I’ve ever really written about what makes up a blackjack strategy.

So what does make up a blackjacks strategy?

Really it’s not too complex. You can think of it as having two parts: one that you use to impact the odds in your favor, and the other to control your betting.

Let’s take a look at impacting the odds. Blackjack is a game of skill, meaning that you how you choose to play can have an impact on your odds of winning. You can play poorly or you can play with some smarts. Serious blackjack players will opt for playing with smarts.

One of the smartest things you can do in terms of playing this game of skill smartly is to utilize basic strategy. This is the easiest strategy that you can use. While many serious players will work to memorize the chart, it is possible to have the chart with you and refer to it while playing.

Basic strategy is a statistical compilation of every possible hand in blackjack versus each and every dealer up card. This statistical compilation gives you the best play to make. Each play has been tested to have the best odds versus another play that you could make. This is why basic strategy is the only real tip in how to play blackjack to your best ability.

So you can use basic strategy to affect the odds of blackjack. While basic strategy will not win every single hand for you, it is the best play to make odds-wise even if you do lose the round. So what does it do? If you play blackjack according to basic strategy, you can lower the house edge to 0.05%. That percent is the best percent of all casino games—but only if you are playing basic strategy exactly as it tells you to.

This covers the first half of your blackjack strategy, the part that covers how you play.

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