Blackjack Betting Strategy that Can Work

I was thinking about my post from this morning about quitting early so that you can win more the next day. Specifically I was thinking about the part about the betting strategy.

Blackjack players will often try to find a good betting strategy. For that matter, so do most gamblers, but then a good many of them think that gambling is easy money. And they would be wrong. Gambling isn’t easy money. It’s a fun activity to do.

As for betting strategies and blackjack, the one I was talking about in my last post was the Paroli method. In short, blackjack players who use the Paroli method double their wagers every time they win. If they bet $10 on a hand and win, the next round they will bet $20. And so on until they lose, at which point they return to $10.

The problem with this betting system is that you stand to lose as much as you win. Using the above example, let’s say you have won five hands in a row. You would be betting $160 on round six. And if you lose, you just lost $160.

There is also a betting strategy in which you double your wager each time you lose. This one might be a little better because you’re doubling on losing. However if you wind up on a losing streak, you can run through your bankroll very very quickly.

There are many other betting strategies for blackjack. The one thing they have in common is the idea that they are an easy way to make money off of blackjack: do exactly as they say and make money. And you shouldn’t be fooled.

You betting strategy is just as much a part of your overall blackjack strategy as your strategy for how to play your hands is. And strategy requires practice and effort.

The best thing that you can do for if you want to use a betting strategy is isn’t going to break your bankroll is to count cards. Yes, it takes some time to learn this skill, and to become good at it. But if you can count cards you will know whether the remaining unplayed cards are rich in high cards or not. And when you have counted a deck to be rich in high cards, you pretty much know that those high cards are there—after all, the low ones have been played.

This is when you raise your wager because when you have a greater chance of getting or building a strong hand. And while card counting isn’t a 100% fool proof way to make money in blackjack, it is a lot more accurate than the Paroli and other betting systems. And you won’t run through your money too fast either.