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World Series of Blackjack - Season Two

Summary of the Players and Wins and Losses in the 2nd Season of the WSOB

We move to the Golden Nugget and make a couple of personnel changes in Season 2. Dealer Diana replaces Tiki Arsenault as the dealer, and Megan Riordan is introduced as the new co-host (replacing Melana Scantlin). The top players from last year will return to test their blackjack skills against all-new competitors.

Season 2-Episode 1 (January 21st, 2005)

  • Dave Stann
  • Joe Pane
  • Katya Underhill
  • Kevin Blackwood
  • Rene Angelil

Stann follows a progression called the "Martingale," as well as subjecting his competitors to a load of trash talk. Katya and Rene get in the hole and decide to go all-in to get back in the game. It doesn't work, and we're down to three by the final hand. In the end, a dealer 21 gives Kevin the win and $25,000. Dave will get another shot at the wild card table.

Winner: Kevin Blackwood

Season 2-Episode 2 (January 28th, 2005)

  • Leann Moell (gambler)
  • Russ Hamilton (blackjack pro and former World Series of Poker champ)
  • Marshall Sylver (gambler and hypnotist)
  • Ken Smith (made it to the finals last year) (Read our review of Ken's website,, here.)
  • Charlene One (has been playing blackjack since age 7)

Going into the final hand, only three players still had a chance to win. Charlene with $87,500, Leann with $154,000 and Ken with only $19,000. Charlene had a chance to risk it big and possibly win it all or go home, but she chose to play conservatively and secure second place and a spot at the wild card table. This allowed Leann to win the game and a spot at the championship table.

Winner: Leann Moell

Season 2-Episode 3 (February 4th, 2005)

  • Regina Guzior (legally blind, made it to the finals last year)
  • Nicki Vermuelen (blackjack pro)
  • Robert Blechman (gambler)
  • Stanford Wong (wrote the most well-known book on blackjack strategy, Professional Blackjack)
  • Richard Taraska (an ER trauma doctor)

All competitors were still around at the end, with only Regina, Robert, and Stanford having a realistic shot of winning. Stanford had $95,000 but decided to only bet $5,000. It proved to be the correct strategy as he won the game and moved on to the finals. Robert took second place and got a spot at the wild card table.

Winner: Stanford Wong

Season 2-Episode 4 (February 11th, 2005)

  • Dr. Henry Tamburin (publishes a blackjack newsletter, The Blackjack Insider)
  • Rick Blaine (Fortune 500 executive)
  • Nancy Kubusek (law professor)
  • Kami Lis (speaks 7 different languages)
  • Michael Konik (gambling and golf authority)

Michael had busted out by the final hand, but all other players were still in the game. Kami had $130,000 but only bet $1,000. The dealer made a hand, allowing Kami to get the win.

Winner: Kami Lis

Season 2-Episode 5 (February 18th, 2005)

This episode is a wild card tournament, pitting the second-place finishers against one another for a chance to make the finals.

  • Dave Stann
  • Robert Blechman
  • Nancy Kubusek
  • Charlene Ono

Blechman busted out on Hand 24. Stann busted out on Hand 27. It all comes down to Nancy and Charlene, with Nancy having $138,000 to Charlene's $170,750. Both ladies doubled, but Charlene got 21 and secured the win.

Winner: Charlene Ono

Season 2-Episode 6 (February 25th, 2005)

  • Tyrone Jackson (pro blackjack player)
  • Anthony Curtis (author of The Art of Gambling and the Las Vegas Advisor)
  • David Page (blackjack pro)
  • Rick Swogger (commercial pilot and gambler)
  • Erica Schoenberg (former math champion)

Swogger busted on Hand 17, leaving the other four players for the final hand. Erica pushed, putting her in second place, and Anthony won after betting $23,000 on the final hand.

Winner: Anthony Curtis

Season 2-Episode 7 (March 11th, 2005)

  • Angie Moneytaker (gambler)
  • Jimmy Pine (pro gambler)
  • Ken Einiger (blackjack pro)
  • Rick Jensen (operates a casino company)
  • Jean Scott (wrote The Frugal Gambler)

All the players are still around on the final hand, but Jimmy doesn't have a realistic chance to win. A dealer bust and some bad down cards allowed Rick to take first place, while Ken took second and a spot in the wild card tournament.

Winner: Rick Jensen

Season 2-Episode 8 (March 18th, 2005)

  • Micky Rosa (in the finals last year)
  • Lorna Fox (blackjack pro)
  • Viktor Nacht
  • Chuck Gorson (tournament player)
  • Joe Maloof (co-owner of the Palms Casino and the Sacramento Kings)

Joe busted out on Hand 21, and Chuck followed the next hand. On the final hand, Viktor hit up to 21, securing the win, while Micky doubled down and got a good card, assuring himself of second place.

Winner: Viktor Nacht

Season 2-Episode 9 (March 25th, 2005)

  • MIT Mike (defending champion)
  • Brian Zembic (gambler with breast implants)
  • Eric Kiel (winner of a million dollar tournament)
  • Jason Geraci (gambler)
  • Michelle Richards (former casino pit boss)

MIT Mike busted out on Hand 22. On the final hand, only Eric, Jason, and Michelle had a chance to win. Jason had $279,500 and bet $48,000. He nabbed the victory and Michelle got second.

Winner: Jason Geraci

Season 2-Episode 10 (April 1st, 2005)

This is a wild card game, featuring second-place finishers and affording them a chance to make it to the finals.

Winner: Ken Einiger

Season 2-Episode 11 (April 8th, 2005)

This is the first semi-final match.

  • Jason Geraci
  • Ken Einiger
  • Viktor Nacht
  • Rick Jensen
  • Anthony Curtis

Ken Einiger won first and a $10,000, while Rick Jensen got second and a $5,000 bonus. Both men move on to the finals.

Winner: Ken Einiger

Season 2-Episode 12 (April 15th, 2005)

This is the second semi-final match.

  • Leann Moell
  • Charlene Ono
  • Stanford Wong
  • Kevin Blackwood
  • Kami Lis

Leann busted on Hand 16. Stanford Wong won first and a $10,000 bonus. A dealer bust allowed Kami to claim the other spot in the finals and a $5,000 bonus.

Winner: Stanford Wong

Season 2-Episode 13 (April 25th, 2005)

The championship tourney of Season 2 features four players looking to win and take home a $250,000 prize.

  • Stanford Wong
  • Rick Jensen
  • Kami Lis
  • Ken Einiger

By the final hand, only Kami, Stanford, and Ken have a realistic shot at winning. Ken had $131,000 and bet $50,000, then doubled on a soft 19. The dealer busted, making Ken the Season 2 champion and netting him $250,000 (in addition to his previous winnings).

Tournament Champion: Ken Einiger

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