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World Series of Blackjack - Season 1

Recapping the Action and Winners at the First World Series of Blackjack (WSOB)

Coming to us from the lovely Mohegan Sun Casino, Season One features Matt Vasgersian as the host, Melana Scantlin as his co-host, Max Rubin with the expert commentary, and Tiki Arsenault as the dealer.

Season 1-Episode 1 (March 15th, 2004)

Winner: Regina Guzior

Season 1-Episode 2 (March 22nd, 2004)

  • "Hollywood" Dave Stann (professional blackjack player and dealer on GSN's Celebrity Blackjack)
  • Joanna "Queen of Spades" (professional gambler)
  • Ken Einiger (finalist in the Million Dollar Tournament held at the Vegas Hilton)
  • Susan Pikor, MIT Mike (MIT graduate)

Winner: MIT Mike

Season 1-Episode 3 (March 29th, 2004)

  • Bradley Peterson
  • Micky Rosa (MIT graduate)
  • Bobby J (actor)
  • Cathy Hulbert (considered by many to be the best female gambler in the world)
  • Ashwin Patel

Winner: Micky Rosa

Season 1-Episode 4 (April 5th, 2004)

  • Previn Mankodi
  • Ann Van Dyke (involved in the mystic arts)
  • Jimmy Pine (professional gambler)
  • Nick Dillon (casino manager)
  • Stanford Wong (hugely popular author and gambler)

Winner: Jimmy Pine

Season 1-Episode 5 (April 12th, 2004)

  • Ken Smith (runs Blackjack Info) (Read our review of
  • Skip Samad
  • Jane Gamble
  • Richard Munchkin (the author of Gambling Wizards: Conversations with the World's Greatest Gamblers)
  • Frank DeRocco (tournament blackjack player)

Winner: Ken Smith

Season 1-Episode 6 (April 19th, 2004)

  • Michael Konik
  • "Hollywood" Dave Stann
  • Bobby J, Previn Mankodi
  • Richard Munchkin

Dave Stann gets the win and a seat at the championship table.

Winner: Dave Stann

Season 1-Episode 7 (April 26th, 2004)

This is the championship match, with $100,000 on the line.

  • Regina Guzior
  • MIT Mike
  • Micky Rosa
  • Jimmy Pine
  • Ken Smith
  • Dave Stann

MIT Mike gets the win, with Dave Stann taking second place.

Tournament Winner: MIT Mike

You can find recaps of Season 2, Season 3, and Season 4 here too.

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