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Ultimate Blackjack Tour - Episode 6

Players This Week

Welcome to the 6th episode of the Ultimate Blackjack Tour on CBS. This episode, originally airing on November 18th, features a selection of the top female gamblers in the world. They are vying for cash prizes and the prestigious UBT medallion.

Blackjack Players This Week

Seat 1 - Monica Reeves - New to the world of blackjack, Monica has already won a UBT title earlier this season.

Seat 2 - Erica Schoenberg - A respected card player, this is Erica's 2nd final table of the season.

Seat 3 - Jennifer Tilly - Hollywood actress and winner of a WSOP bracelet. While she has only played Blackjack a few times, this is also her 2nd final table of the season.

Seat 4 - Angie "Moneytaker" Hardy - Professional card player. Loves to gamble and party with her friends.

Seat 5 - Annie Duke - Considered by many to be the best female card player ever, Annie also has an Ivy League education.

Seat 6 - Clonie Gowen - A poker pro and respected gaming instructor.

Seat 7 - Klara Lato - A professional card counter, Klara wears various wigs to help keep her identity hidden.

The Action

Hand 1 - Monica is dealt a 20 and stays. Erica is dealt an 18 and stays. Jennifer gets a 13, hits to 15, and then to 20. Angie bets $10,000, gets dealt a 14, and then surrenders when she sees that the dealer is showing a jack. Annie has a 14 and hits, but ends up busting. Clonie stays on a 20. Klara gets a 14 and hits to a 21.

The dealer reveals a 10 as her hole card, and Klara is the only winner of the hand. She moves into the lead with $103,000.

Hand 4 - Jennifer bets $30,000 and gets a blackjack. This allows her to take the lead.

Hand 5 - Monica splits a pair of 9s and goes all-in. The dealer busts and Monica moves into 3rd place.

Hand 7 - Clonie goes all-in. Annie doubles down. Tempers flare for a moment, as Clonie obviously doesn't appreciate Monica cheering against her. The dealer gets 21 and Clonie Gowen becomes the first player to be eliminated.

Hand 8 - Elimination hand.

Monica bets $1000. Erica bets $6000. Jennifer bets $25,000. Angie bets $7000. Annie bets an ambitious $31,000, and Klara wagers $8000.

Monica is dealt a 15 and stays. Erica is dealt a 19 and stays. Jennifer is dealt a 10 and doubles down. Angie stays on a 17. Annie is dealt an ace and a 7. Klara is dealt a 9, hits to 20 and then stays. The dealer shows a king with a 2 in the hole.

Jennifer gets a 20 on her double down bet. Facing almost certain elimination, Annie decided to hit until she busts. She hits to 13, then to 20, and then hits again and busts. The dealer busts, and Annie Duke becomes the next player to be eliminated. Jennifer Tilly now has a commanding lead with $205,000.

After losing badly on a couple of hands, Klara Lato finds herself at the bottom. She makes a big bet in order to catch up, but she busts and becomes the next player to get eliminated.

Hand 12 - Monica and Erica both bet $30,000. Monica hit to 18 and stayed, while Erica busted and dropped to last place.

Hand 15 - Angie picked up $80,000 when she doubled down and got a 20.

Hand 16 - Elimination hand.

Coming into the 2nd elimination hand, the totals are as follows:

  • Jennifer with $194,500.
  • Monica with $182,000.
  • Angie with $169,000.
  • Erica with $83,000.

Monica bets $20,000, and analyst Max Rubin quickly points out that she has mistakenly bet too much. Erica chooses to use her Secret Bet card, and she goes all-in for $83,000. Jennifer bets $14,000, and Angie bets $2000.

Monica is dealt a 12, but she realizes that she made a betting error and surrenders. Erica is dealt a 12 and is forced to stay. Jennifer stays on an 18, and Angie surrenders on an 8. The dealer shows a 6 and reveals a 3 in the hole. The players are all laughing and joking. Well, everyone except Erica. The dealer hits to 18 and Erica becomes the next player to be eliminated.

Hand 20 - Angie bets $50,000. She hits to 19 and beats the dealer. This allows her to take the lead.

Hand 22 - Monica bets $50,000, gets a blackjack, and she takes over the top spot.

Hand 23 - Angie wins a huge $100,000 bet and retakes the lead.

Hand 24 - Monica once again vaults into the lead, while Jennifer wins a $100,000 bet.

Hand 25 - Elimination hand.

The standings are as follows:

  • Monica with $406,000.
  • Angie with $305,000.
  • Jennifer with $273,500.

Monica uses her Secret Bet card and wagers $50,000. Jennifer also uses her Secret Bet card and bets $100,000. Angie saves her card and makes a $75,000 bet.

Monica is dealt a 6, hits to 10, then hits to 20 and stays. Jennifer has either a 6 or 16, and she uses her Secret Action card, which allows her to double down for the maximum amount. Angie gets an 8, and she doubles down for $150,000 and gets a 19.

The dealer has a 12 and hits to 17. Jennifer needs to get a 2, 3, 4, or 5 to keep from being eliminated. She gets a queen and Jennifer Tilly becomes the next player to be eliminated.

Monica now has $456,000, but Angie is only $1000 behind with 5 hands to go.

Hand 26 - Monica bets $50,000, while Angie bets $25,000. Monica is dealt a 17, and Angie is dealt a 12. Dealer is showing an ace.

Things get catty at this point, when Angie takes $1000 of insurance and Monica calls it a silly bet.

Monica stays on 17, and Angie hits to 18. The dealer reveals an 8 in the hole, and Angie takes the lead by $23,000.

Hand 27 - Monica bets $30,000, and Angie bets $15,000. Monica gets dealt a 12 and she hits again and busts. Angie is dealt a 7, hits to 9, hits to 11, and then hits to 21. The dealer hits to 20.

Angie now leads $444,000 to $376,000.

Hand 28 - Monica bets $1000, while Angie aggressively bets $50,000.

Monica gets a 16, hits again, and busts. Angie gets a 20 and stays.

The dealer shows a queen with a 6 in the hole. Dealer hits to 17, and Angie wins again. Angie now leads $494,000 to $375,000.

Hand 29 - Monica wagers $100,000, while Angie bets $50,000.

Angie is dealt a 20 and stays. Monica gets a 7 and then doubles down for the full amount, taking her bet to $200,000. She hits to 17.

The dealer hits on a 16 and busts, and Monica Reeves takes the lead.

Hand 30 - Going into the final hand, Monica Reeves has $575,000, and Angie Moneytaker has $544,000.

Monica wagers $85,000. Angie uses her Secret Bet card and bets the maximum of $100,000.

Monica is dealt an 8, and Angie is dealt a 20. Dealer shows a 6 with a 10 in the hole.

Angie splits her 10s and makes her bet an even $200,000. She gets a 16 and 14 and stays.

All Monica has to do to win is double down, but she doesn't know the size of Angie's bet because of the Secret Bet card. Instead, Monica hits to 10 and then to 19. She stays on 19.

The dealer has 16 and must hit. If the dealer busts, then Angie will win. If not, then Monica will go home the champ.

The dealer turns over an 8 and busts. Angie Moneytaker wins with $744,000.

She takes home the UBT medallion, a nice sum of money, and earns the right to compete in the Tournament of Champions later in the season.

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