Payout Percentage and Online Blackjack

I feel kind of bad after my post this morning. I kind of made online blackjack sound like it wasn’t as good as regular blackjack. The truth is that while I do enjoy a trip to a casino and the whole casino experience, I prefer to play blackjack online. And I’ve got some pretty good reasons as to why.

For starters online casinos and online blackjack have better payout percentages overall than regular casinos. The reason for this is that online casinos don’t have all the overhead to worry about paying that casinos do. Casinos have utility bills, employee wages, machine maintenance and more. While online casinos do have employees to pay and some expenses that are not as great in quantity or magnitude as casinos’ expenses.

What this means for the online blackjack player is that they payout percentage usually tends to be lower.

Payout percentage is the total amount of money paid out to players divided by the total amount of wagers made. The result is then multiplied by one hundred, and there you go, the payout percentage.

It is calculated the same way for an online blackjack game, only the wagers and payouts in consideration are those that apply to that one game.

Because of the smaller overheard, online casinos can afford to payout more to their players. This means that you have a greater chance of making more in winnings in an online casino. Think of it as the savings being passed on to you.

The reason for that online casinos pass the money onto their players rather than keep it is for two reasons.

First online gambling has increased dramatically over the last few years. It’s a more convenient way to play. Online casinos aren’t tight for money so that have room to work with players.

Second, the online casino industry is highly competitive. To keep players of popular games such as online blackjack, these online casinos need to be competitive. They offer greater payout percentages than casinos to keep themselves up with the competition and to keep players coming back.