Why I like Basic Strategy and You Should Too

While we can all appreciate something that takes some effort to earn, there are times when it’s nice to get something with some ease. Basic strategy does that in blackjack.

It gives you some very advantageous blackjack strategy without putting a lot of extra effort in it. Card counting, now that requires hours of practice. Basic strategy is so much simpler than that.

With basic strategy all you have to do is print out a little chart and bring it with you to the casino of your choice. They’re perfectly legal to use in a casino.

And it’s even easier to use if you play blackjack in an online casino. All you do there is pull up the chart in another window to reference while you play.

But actually using basic strategy while playing is the easiest strategy to implement. All a blackjack player needs to do is find is hand on in the left hand column and cross check it with the column the card the dealer is showing. The play that shows where the two lines intersect is the best play to make.

The thing that makes basic strategy so easy to use is that all the work was done back in the 1950s by the Four Horsemen. Four men spent a year and a half calculating all the probabilities and statistics for every single hand versus every single dealer’s up card. Their results were then put into the chart form that we use today.

The work for this blackjack strategy has already been done. All a blackjack player needs to do is play every hand according to what it says. Doing so will result in the house edge being lowered to 0.5% over time. And that means more winning for you.

Blackjack has it best in terms of strategy. We get the easiest and most accurate strategy available among casino games. We can use the chart, sit back, enjoy the game and collect our winnings.