Online Blackjack Benefits

Blackjack is a classic when it comes to casino and gambling games. It’s a staple. It’s just not the same to walk into a casino and find that they lack blackjack. It’s one of those games you expect them to have. Like poker.

It is such a staple that even those online casinos that have a heavy emphasis on slots will offer online blackjack.

But we’re not going to look at land-based blackjack right now. We’re going to focus on online blackjack and its benefits.

Mostly I feel kind of bad for telling how insurance can be profitable for those who can card count in land-based casinos while also saying that you really can’t make the same work online. So I’m going to give some benefits of playing blackjack online that those in land-based casinos are missing out on.

First, you can control your rate of play. It’s just you and the dealer. If you want to play slowly, take your time consulting your basic strategy chart, by all means, take all the time you like. When playing blackjack online you don’t have to risk the ire of other players by holding them up. It’s just you. Play as slow or as fast as you want.

But probably one of the best things about online blackjack is its payout percentages.

Online blackjack will generally have a higher payout percentage than land-based blackjack. This is because online casinos have a lot less in overhead expenses than a land-based casino does. Online casinos don’t have nearly as large of a staff. They don’t have a whole casino to up-keep.

As a result online casinos can payout more often when you are dealt a natural blackjack or beat the dealer. This allows for more wins on average than you would normally find in a land-based game of blackjack.

And winning more often allows for more money to be won. And that is probably the biggest benefit of playing blackjack online.