Knowing When to Jump into a Blackjack Game

You are scouting tables at your favorite casino. Or it could be the local casino where you’re vacationing at. It doesn’t matter. The point is that you’re scouting blackjack tables looking for a good one to jump in at. But the question is do you know what you should be looking for?

I’m going to give you a table scenario to see if you’re looking at the right signs at a blackjack table.

You’re watching the first hand of a new shoe. The dealer has a 2 showing. The first player splits a pair of 4s and gets a 5 on each one; he then doubles down and winds up with 15 on each hand. The next guy doubles on an 8 but only gets a 3. The third player has a 12 and decides to stand. Finally the guy at third base splits a pair of 7s, also getting fives on both; he will also double down and wind up with two hands that equal less than 17 apiece. The dealer plays out his hand as a five card 21.

Is this a table to jump in on?

Most novice players would say no. And they would be wrong.

This is a blackjack table to jump in on.

Here’s why: the novice blackjack player saw all the players losing and things that the dealer is hot and not to be trifled with. But look at the cards! The cards are what tell the tale of the table.

Take a moment and focus on the cards that appeared on the table.

Notice that they’re all on the low-card end of the scale. This translates to high cards are on the way. Once the lows are played, that leaves the highs yet to come. And that’s why you should jump in on a table that is seeing lots of low cards going around.