Looking for Low Stakes Blackjack?

Not everyone wants to lay down $10 or $20 for each round of blackjack. Sometimes we only want to play for fun but we still want to make a little money. Maybe we’re only out with friends and not looking for some serious blackjack. That’s when you need to find a low stakes game.

Unfortunately it isn’t easy to find low stakes blackjack games in the brick and mortar casinos. They do exist but they will usually come in the form of $5, and sometimes we don’t want to pay that much. We only want to have a little fun—come on!

But thankfully there is a place that we can turn to if we want some truly low stakes blackjack: online casinos.

While brick and mortar casinos can only go as low as $5, the majority of online casinos’ minimums for blackjack are $1.

Low stakes blackjack online allows players to play for fun yet still make a little money. And they can do this from the comfort of their own homes.

Another benefit for low stakes is that it’s a good transition from practicing using the free play modes online casinos offer to playing for real money. Playing with play money is a completely different feeling than playing for real. Playing low stakes allows novice blackjack players to become accustomed to having their actual money on the line. But low stakes blackjack online allows them to get used to winning, and losing, real money, and at the same time it allows them to make some money.

Low stakes blackjack games are also a fun way to try out a new strategy, especially a new betting strategy. This allows you to see how a new strategy works for you and whether it’s effective or not. And in the end, you haven’t lost too much money in trying a new piece of strategy.

Be it giving a new piece of strategy a trial run or just wanting to play and enjoy the game low stakes blackjack games are a good way to go.