Perfect Pairs Not So Perfect

Part of the reason we like to play blackjack, or any casino game for that matter, is the thrill that is gambling. The excitement of not knowing whether or not you’re going to lose your money or make some money.

Some blackjack players are more addicted to that thrill than others. These thrill seeking blackjack players will most likely do one of two things. They will either become higher denomination or high stakes players, or they will turn to blackjack variations with side bets to get their thrills.

It’s obvious where the thrill comes from in a high denomination or high stakes game comes from. But having two bets is what holds the thrill of blackjack variations.

One such variation is Perfect Pairs Blackjack. This variation can be found for online blackjack as well as brick and mortar casino blackjack.

In this variation the actual game of blackjack isn’t played any differently. No, this variation is all wrapped up in the side bet.

The side bet is a separate wager that has nothing to do with the actual game of blackjack. In this one, the player makes a separate wager on whether the first two cards he is dealt will be a pair. Not necessarily of the same suit, just matching in value, like two 4’s.

Yes, that is the great and mighty side bet of this blackjack variation. And there are players out there who will actually wager on that. Which is unbelievable because any shrewd blackjack player knows that side bets are just another excuse for the online casinos and brick and mortar casinos to take more of your money.

So add this one to the list of blackjack variations not to play, regardless of whether you find it online or in a casino.