Blackjack News, Players and Shadows

I think of blackjack as a respectable casino game. It is not all loud and rowdy like craps. It does not have a steep house edge like slots. And you can actually use strategy to impact your odds of winning, unlike roulette. In fact, I think blackjack is right up there with poker as one of the best casino games.

But I am a blackjack player, not a poker player.

Also in my opinion blackjack players tend to behave themselves better and are not the subject of gossip like poker players. In fact blackjack as a game is not surrounded by the aura of gossip, further increasing its respectability.

This is why you never hear about all the little scraps blackjack players get into like how the poker players do. Blackjack players do not show up in the news for having dressed up as a member of the opposite sex to enter a tournament. On top of that blackjack tournaments are not steeped in controversy like the women-only poker tournaments.

So that is the positive side of blackjack

Another Step for Online Blackjack

Online blackjack players have just received another point in their corner in the democrats attempt to overturn the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA).

For those online blackjack players who have not been following closely, the last session ended without Representative Barney Frank being able to get his bill, Internet Gambling Regulation, Consumer Protection, and Enforcement Act, up for debate. Frank

Who is Winning When?

For those who play blackjack fairly often, for those who have researched blackjack, studied blackjack, they know the odds. They know that blackjack games start with a house edge of 2% to 5%. These studied blackjack players know that they can reduce the house edge to 0.5% just by playing perfect basic strategy.

Unfortunately 0.5% is the best odds an online blackjack player can be after. For blackjack players who play in brick and mortar casinos, they can employ their skills at card counting, and even out the odds or even tilt the odds in their favor.

But what do odds tell you about winning? They tell you the chances of you winning, but those odds apply to each and every hand. They do not tell you on average how often you could win at blackjack. And the well informed player should know how often they could win.

On average a player will only win 44% of the time while the dealer will win around 48% of the time. Those percentages apply to blackjack game when basic strategy is applied. But either the player winning or the dealer winning only accounts for 92% of games. The other 8% goes into pushes. Meaning that 8% the dealer and the player will have a push.

Of the average 44% of games that the player will win, 5% of those games will be won with a natural blackjack. Interestingly enough, the dealer

Blackjack Strategy

Why do you split 8s? Why is it a standard in blackjack strategy to do so?

Look at what blackjack strategy is first. In the first place you have a strategy so that you can improve your odds of winning. But what do you do when you find yourself in a situation that you know you are most likely going to lose?

This is the other part of your blackjack strategy: finding the least costly way out of a non-winning situation.

Now let

21 Things to Avoid When Playing Blackjack

This will be the last in this little series. And while it seems most of these can be applied to land based casino blackjack, a fair amount of them can be applied to online blackjack as well.

While you aren

21 Things to Avoid When Playing Blackjack

Recently I came across some blackjack tips that can help to not only improve your game, but to also make the gaming experience more enjoyable. Some of these tips can be applied to both land based casinos and online casinos; others might only apply to land based.

Take the wisdom from this, blackjack players.

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