Blackjack News, Players and Shadows

I think of blackjack as a respectable casino game. It is not all loud and rowdy like craps. It does not have a steep house edge like slots. And you can actually use strategy to impact your odds of winning, unlike roulette. In fact, I think blackjack is right up there with poker as one of the best casino games.

But I am a blackjack player, not a poker player.

Also in my opinion blackjack players tend to behave themselves better and are not the subject of gossip like poker players. In fact blackjack as a game is not surrounded by the aura of gossip, further increasing its respectability.

This is why you never hear about all the little scraps blackjack players get into like how the poker players do. Blackjack players do not show up in the news for having dressed up as a member of the opposite sex to enter a tournament. On top of that blackjack tournaments are not steeped in controversy like the women-only poker tournaments.

So that is the positive side of blackjack