Another Step for Online Blackjack

Online blackjack players have just received another point in their corner in the democrats attempt to overturn the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA).

For those online blackjack players who have not been following closely, the last session ended without Representative Barney Frank being able to get his bill, Internet Gambling Regulation, Consumer Protection, and Enforcement Act, up for debate. Frank’s bill would overturn UIGEA and also set the stage of the United States to regulate and tax online gambling.

Once his committee, the House Finance Committee, finishes their debate on Frank’s bill, it will then be passed on to the entire House. And if the House finishes its debate and passes the legislation guess where Frank’s bill goes next. That’s right, it will go to the Senate and so on. You see how this works.

So what has happened to make another step towards online blackjack being legal?

There is a change in West Virginia’s seat in the Senate: Carte Goodwin will be in place of Robert Byrd. And Goodwin is a Democrat. He is a favorite to take up Byrd’s seat in November vote in West Virginia.

But while Goodwin is the favorite to win the West Virginia seat, it is possible that someone else could be voted in. But for now, Goodwin is in Byrd’s seat which puts another Democrat in the Senate.

If Frank can get his bill pushed through the House Finance Committee and through the House overall, and get it to the Senate before the West Virginia November elections, it will give online gambling one more pro vote.

But while Frank’s bill does have a handful of Republican co-sponsors, he is still going to need each and every Democratic vote. Goodwin will be one more Democratic vote. And that extra vote is happy online gambling news for online blackjack players.

Here is to hoping that Frank will get his bill pushed through and voted on before November while he still has Goodwin in the Senate.