Really Good Blackjack Payouts

The numbers have just come in from Cinema Casino, an online casino based in Malta. It seems that September was a very good month…for the blackjack players.

During the course of September online blackjack players at Cinema Casino received a total rate of 100.28% in payouts. In translation that means that on average the online blackjack players at this online casino received a little more than 100% of their wagers back in payouts. They turned a profit from playing blackjack.

I love this game. True, it is a bit harder to win real money from online blackjack but that is because card counting cannot be used in online blackjack. So I applaud the online blackjack players at Cinema Casino.

But what is curious to me is why Cinema Casino is so widely publishing this payout information. Granted the monthly payout reports are not exactly top secret. They are audited by the auditing facilities at eCogra before being published.

And while the affiliation with eCogra is a very good sign, a part of me cannot help being a tad bit skeptical. Perhaps it is just seeing an online casino boasting their payouts so much—it is not something one sees all that often.

And they are quite boastful, check it out:

Victor Roberts, casino manager, said, “Players can trust in the fact that they always come out with full pockets when they play on Winners are not born. They are made—by us!”

Makes me raise an eyebrow no doubt. But I still have to say that September’s online blackjack players at Cinema Casino are not going to argue the point. After all, they did turn a profit in online blackjack.