Blackjack Intimidating?

I read this morning that blackjack is intimidating. Yes, I know, I was just as surprised. But apparently casino folk consider blackjack to be intimidating.

Now this rather puzzles me considering that blackjack does not have a lot of fancy rules and strategy. If you can add the numbers 1 through 11 then I do not see how blackjack can be hard. Add up the total of your first two cards, and decide if you want to try to increase your hand total by hitting or decide to stand with your total against whatever the dealer has.

To me adding 1 through 11 is not all that difficult, so I fail to see how blackjack is intimidating there. But it is also being said that strategy for blackjack is intimidating. Really?

Because the first form of blackjack strategy that comes to my mind is basic strategy, and I am sorry, there is no form of strategy that is easier.

Basic strategy is the most commonly used form of blackjack strategy. And it is a chart! If you can locate your hand total on the left side and locate the dealer’s up card—which is plainly visible on the table—along the top of the chart, you can use basic strategy. All you do is find where the lines of your hand and the dealer’s up card meet and make that play. That is all there is to it.

The hard work in basic strategy was done by the Four Horsemen a few decades ago. The basic strategy chart has the best statistical plays already figured out.

So all a blackjack player needs to do is add up the value of the first two cards, which is adding together two numbers which will range from 1 to 11. Then the blackjack player needs to check the basic strategy chart, find their hand total and the dealer’s up card, see where the lines intersect and make that play. The hardest part is adding up two numbers that will range between 1 and 11.

Blackjack rules, nor its strategy are difficult. And players do not even have to worry about what other players are doing; blackjack is a player vs. dealer card game—the plays of the other players are irrelevant.

To me that is not hard or intimidating at all. Now poker—that seems intimidating. But blackjack? Adding two numbers and locating a hand and dealer’s up card intersection? Not hard. I fail to see how blackjack is intimidating.