Once More with Feeling: Basic Strategy!

Everyday blackjack wins new players. These new players may come to the game in a brick and mortar casino, or perhaps they have tried it out in a game of online blackjack. But chances are they have heard that this is the casino game in which they could possible beat the house. Or at the very least that this is the game with the smallest house edge.

And while it is true that blackjack can have the lowest house edge, it does not happen automatically.

Be it online blackjack or blackjack in a brick and mortar casino, the game will start out with a house edge of 2% to 5%. This depends on what house rules are in effect.

But that house edge can be brought down to as low as 0.5%. How does this happen?

Actually it is quite easy to manage. All a player needs to do is play blackjack according to basic strategy. This is accomplished by checking your basic strategy chart to see what play is recommended. And then make that play.

That is all there it to it. Playing blackjack according to basic strategy lowers the house edge to 0.5% over time when every play is made according to what basic strategy says.

Basic strategy comes in the form of a chart with all player hands running down one side and all of the dealer’s up cards running across the top. When it is your turn to play, find your hand and the dealer’s up card; where those two lines intersect is the best play.

And that is the key: basic strategy is the best statistical play for every hand in blackjack. While you will not win every single hand, you win more hands than if you were to play without it.

And that is often the biggest mistake of players who are brand new to blackjack—they play on guess work.

Basic strategy can be used in casinos—they will let you bring a little chart with you and use it at the tables. It can also be used with online blackjack, so the benefits of this blackjack strategy can be used anywhere. It can also be used by anyone since it does not take much effort to make it work.

In fact your best odds for blackjack, be in online blackjack or blackjack in a casino, are with basic strategy since it is so effective against the house edge. And there is that factor that it is so easy to use!