Blackjack and the Problem with Betting Systems

Many times you will hear blackjack players swear by a betting system. And in most cases they’re wrong.

But first a betting system is not the same thing as a betting strategy. A betting system is a method that tells you when and how to raise or lower your bet. A betting strategy is a part of your blackjack strategy, and is used to control your bankroll.

The two most common variations of a betting systems are ones in which you raise and lower your bet based on whether you won or lost the previous round. These are progressive betting systems. They will usually work like so: you lose a round so you double your bet in the next round, and you keep doubling until you win a hand.

That is the progressive betting system that is based on a losing streak. The one based on a winning streak works the same except you double your bet win every time you win a round.

The problem with both of these betting systems is that they don’t work.

In blackjack, and this also applies to blackjack online too, is that you will only win 43.5% of the time.

So you sit down at a table for a round of blackjack. You have a 43.5 % chance of winning that round. So that round ends and the next begins. You also have a 43.5% chance of winning. And you have that same chance for the next round. And the next and the next. And so on.

And because the chance of winning is the same each round it doesn’t make any sense to rely on a betting system that doesn’t factor in that 43.5% chance. These betting systems are based on the premise that a previous round will affect the next round. And that 43.5% illustrates that previous rounds don’t have any influence.

And that is why blackjack players—those who play online blackjack or land-based blackjack—should avoid betting systems.