Again with those Blackjack Players

There are some people who should not be handing out advice to novice blackjack players.

It’s always good to see what other blackjack players are saying, see if what’s being said is in fact true or not. And while a good portion of what you read is just fine and accurate, there is a portion that just isn’t right.

I read this line the morning, “Since your success at the table is determined not only by your own skill but by the other players’ abilities to hit or stay when necessary in order to maximize everyone’s chances of winning.”

As I have said in the past, this is entirely not true.

Another player is not going to make or break your play. You are in control of your game. No one else at the table is. You have no idea if the card the player next you get is better for your hand than the one you actually get.

You can relate this to that idea that the blackjack player at the third base position can make or break the dealer. There is no way of knowing which card is better. And this also applies to player to player.

Remember that the basic principle of blackjack is that it is you versus the dealer. You could be playing blackjack online by yourself and the computer’s dealer or you could be playing with six other people.

It does not matter because blackjack is about what plays you choose to make with the cards that you have against what the dealer has. The other players do not have an impact on your game.

This is also why if you are playing according to basic strategy and the person sitting next to you is playing randomly, you have the better odds since you have stuck with basic strategy and he hasn’t.

You will have lowered the house edge to around 0.05% while he has most likely increased the house edge against him. As you can see your good playing has had no affect on your neighbor, and his bad playing hasn’t affected yours.

Just remember that you are in control of your blackjack destiny, not the person sitting next to you.