Where Blackjack Apps Come From

Back on Monday I began my discussion of mobile blackjack apps. Our mobile devices are a big part of our life; they go with us just about everywhere with us, although some people even take their mobile devices into the bathroom with them. And I was going to discuss the story of the mobile blackjack app, but then New Jersey did its thing and the Assembly voted ‘yes’ to regulating online gambling in their state, and I could not pass that up.

Anyway. With mobile devices advancing in technology to give us the smartphones, such as the iPhone and Blackberry, it is only natural that explosion of mobile apps would happen. And among those mobile apps are those made for blackjack. Mobile blackjack apps allow those who have to take their blackjack on the go in a new way that does not require them to be a part of an online casino.

The most basic in mobile blackjack apps was the beginning. Such apps simply allowed the user to play with play money. This kind of free play app allowed those who were new to the game to become familiar with it without risking money.

Such an app also allows fans of blackjack who are already in the know about the game to enjoy it wherever they—and their mobile device—may be. This can be good just for entertainment but also for trying out new blackjack strategies and practice old ones.

But this first generation of blackjack mobile apps only allowed for one-on-one play. Granted that is how blackjack is played, you versus the dealer and the other players at the table do not have an impact on your hand. But there just seemed like there was something so lonely about a blackjack app. Maybe it is the notion that mobile devices are supposed to connect us more, but regardless of the reason, the first round of blackjack apps were lonely. At least I thought so.

But then came the next round of mobile blackjack apps, and these tried to make these blackjack apps more like online blackjack and less lonely. Did they succeed? Find out my thoughts tomorrow on the next round of mobile blackjack apps.