Score Based Blackjack

So yesterday was the introduction of the first generation of blackjack mobile apps. And while it was really great to be able to play blackjack on the go without having to log into an online casino through your phone’s browser, there was one thing about these mobile blackjack apps that was a tad bothersome: they were lonely.

They did not allow for interaction between you and other players. Sure blackjack is a one-on-one card game anyway. But when you were sitting at the table you could at least see how well—or not so well—the other players were doing. There was something you could compare yourself to. And these first generation of mobile blackjack apps just did not allow you to compare how you were doing.

So then along came the second generation of mobile blackjack apps. Honestly they were not much different from the first ones, the game play was still the same and you were still playing with play money, but there is one major difference: you can compare yourself to others. More specifically you can compare your blackjack scores to your friends who also have the app.

At this point mobile blackjack stopped feeling so lonely. Players could ‘connect’ to their friends through comparing their scores. This brings the feel of blackjack more to the surface. The entire principle of the app—beyond the basic game of course—is centered on players’ scores and comparing them, challenging players to

And while these second generation mobile blackjack apps are not bad, there has recently surfaced a new kind of blackjack mobile app that puts even more aspects of the game in the player’s hands. How so? I will give you a small taste of tomorrow’s topic—it brings even more of the casino feeling to blackjack to the app and to your hands with more options for your blackjack playing.