What are your Odds of Winning in Blackjack?

Do you know? Are you sure you know?

Yes, blackjack offers some good odds when compared to other casino games. But really, what are your chances of winning?

Excluding pushes (the times that you and the dealer have the same total), you have a 48% shot of winning while the dealer has a 52% shot of beating you.

Realistically those are high odds for players. And they are much better than what you odds would be of winning roulette or slots. But, yes, the house still has the edge. Even when you are using basic strategy.

Depending on what house rules are in play, the house will start out with a 2% to 5% edge over you. But playing all of your hands—hard hands, soft hands and pairs—according to basic strategy can lower the house edge to 0.5%. And that by far the lowest house edge of any of the casino games.

But, even with basic strategy the house still has the edge. This is because more than a single deck is used in blackjack nowadays. Also because you are playing only knowing one of the dealer’s cards. Granted in a face down game the dealer will not know your hand, but you still do not know what he has in the hole, and that is where the house’s edge comes in.

The dealer knows what cards you have. Even in a face down game your cards are all turned over by the time the dealer’s turn comes. He plays last and that is where the edge comes from. And unfortunately there is no way around this portion of the house’s edge. It is like you are playing halfway blind.

And because you are playing halfway blind it is all the more important to learn and use some blackjack strategy. Even if you only use basic strategy, 0.5% is better than the 2% to 5% range that blackjack has without it. Basic strategy can always help your blackjack odds. And increasing your blackjack odds helps you to win more money.