Multiple Hands per Round is Not Blackjack Strategy

I have heard of this. Players playing two or three hands per round and calling it blackjack strategy. The way I have heard it explained to me is that playing more hands per round is good blackjack strategy that increases one’s blackjack odds of winning.

Not true, and I am going straight to the math on this one. And this is not hard math so follow along.

Your blackjack odds of winning a round, not including pushes, are 48% as opposed to the house’s 52% chance of winning. So if you play one hand you have a 52% shot of losing.

Now if you were playing two hands per round, each hand has a 48% chance of winning and a 52% chance of losing. So each hand still only has a 48% of winning. Three hands per round? Yes, each one still only has a 48% chance of winning.

Notice that the odds of winning do not increase with the number hands being played per round.

However, your potential to lose money goes up.

Blackjack, even with basic strategy, is a casino game in which the house still has the edge. Yes, card counting can even out the odds and even possibly tip the odds in favor of you. But the average blackjack player will be facing blackjack odds that lean towards the house.

The 48% chance of winning and 52% chance of losing does not change no matter how many hands you are playing per round. But playing more hands per round open up more opportunities to lose and that means money lost. Remember, your blackjack odds are based on your opportunity to make money. So if you open yourself up for more opportunities to lose money you are only hurting yourself. Stick with one hand per round.

Unless you are playing Blackjack Switch, in which case you have to play two hands, but it has a slightly different strategy.