Ways to Cut Down on Your Loss per Hour

Let’s say that you have been playing blackjack with your basic strategy chart on hand. And you’re playing it perfectly. So, thanks to your perfect basic strategy you have lowered the house edge to 0.05%. Which is great, but is there any way to do away with that remaining disadvantage?

Play at a full table. Play with as full of a table as you can find.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work for blackjack online. But online blackjack players can apply what I’m about to say about game speed online.

First, a full table means that each round will take longer, slowing down the speed of the game. In the average multi-hand game, a full table will play about 55 rounds. If it’s just you and the dealer you’re talking about 220 hands. That’s translates to an average $7 loss per hour versus $28.

You can apply this to online blackjack simply by slowing your own game down. Don’t fly through the round. The slower you play the more money you are saving yourself. But since it’s just you, you have to be in control of your playing speed.

Okay, so a full table will save me cause me to only lose $7 an hour instead of $28. That’s good. What else?

Make bets on other players’ hands. If they won’t double down at an advantageous point, offer to cover it. Same if they’re hesitating on splitting an advantageous pair. This will give you a possible chance to win something even if your own hand isn’t so hot. Playing on another player’s hand allows for a greater positive effect.

If, in an hour, you can get in on at least two instances of betting on another player’s hand for $30 each you can earn back about $4. So take the $7 you lost in an hour minus the $4 you got back in betting on other hands and you’re only down $3 per hour now.

Playing at a full table allows you to see more of the cards being played and to get a better sense of the deck.

If you find yourself at a table with a great many face cards and Aces, save your spot and play at another table for a bit. If the high cards are passing out of the shoe it means that low ones are on their way. Doing so can save you around another $1. That will bring you down to losing $2 an hour.

On the other hand if you see at least eight more low end cards than higher end cards you’ll want to try tripling your bet. The low cards are passing out of play and the high cards are on their way in. Tripling when the cards turn high again can give you back another $1 or $2 an hour.

All that taken into consideration means that you can lower how much you lose per hour at a full table from about $7 to only $1 per hour. Or maybe you’ll be able to make it to losing nothing per hour. But you must be playing at a full table.