Three Parts to Keeping Your Edge in Blackjack

Blackjack is one, perhaps the best, casino game to play. This is owed to the fact that, if strategy is used and used correctly, it is possible to lower the house edge to 0.05%. In some cases, again, depending on how good your strategy is and how well used, you can even out the odds, if not get an edge over the dealer.

For the rest of this post we’re going to assume that basic strategy is being used in all the blackjack scenarios mentioned. The reason we’re going to assume basic strategy is being used is because we need to look at these three parts from the perspective of a blackjack player who has lowered the house edge to 0.05%.

And I’m not going to state at the beginning of each part ‘if you were using basic strategy’ etc, etc, etc. So just remember all blackjack scenarios are using basic strategy for this post.

So while playing basic strategy is good to lower the house edge, what else do you need to keep a hold of you edge?

First, and this one is the most frustrating I think, is that you need a fair share of blackjacks. I know, easier said than done. And this is the one part that you have no control over. But you need your fair share because it is the hand that beats all others. Yes, yes, it pays the best. But you winning is what takes away pieces of the house’s edge. And winning with blackjack takes more of their edge than a non-blackjack win.

If you don’t seem to be getting a decent amount of blackjacks, switch to a new table or leave your online game and try again later. Or try playing blackjack online at another online casino.

These next two you as a player do have control over. And they can both be applied to both online blackjack and land-based blackjack.

You must know when to stand. While your brain might be telling you to hit, there are some times that you need to stand. This isn’t just about memorizing a basic strategy chart. This is about understanding why you stand. And when you and the dealer both have better shots at busting, you need to stand and let him bust. He busts equals you win.

And the third part is to take full advantage of double downs and pair splits. Double downs give you the potential of winning more money. Pair splits allow you to play more than one hand. And this is why you must take advantage of them. Those are plays that a dealer isn’t allowed to make. And if you can do something the dealer can’t—do it!