Things I Do Like About Blackjack

Earlier today I gave a couple of the things that I do not like about my beloved blackjack. So now it is time to name some of the things that I do like about blackjack. These would be the incentives to play blackjack, people.

First off it has the lowest house edge out of all of the casino games out there. And that is before applying any blackjack strategy to the game.

Depending on what the house rules are, a standard game of blackjack will start with a house edge of 2% to 5%. When you compare it to the 14% that slots games have—and they have no strategy at all—blackjack becomes very reasonable. Actually it becomes even more reasonable to play the game.

Note that I said before applying any blackjack strategy. Another high point of blackjack is that players can use blackjack strategy to influence the outcome of their hands. They might not win every single hand and “beat the game,” but they can put themselves in a position to take advantage of money-making opportunities. The better those opportunities are, the more money it is possible to win.

Another blackjack high point that goes hand in hand with blackjack strategy is its number one strategy tool: basic strategy.

Basic strategy is a chart that tells players the most advantageous play to make based on what their two starting cards are and what the dealer’s up card is. Where the two lines on the chart intersect the best possible play is given.

This little chart, which is perfectly legal to use in casinos, can help you to take advantage of times when it is best to double down and split pairs. With those advantages it becomes possible to win more money and increase your blackjack odds. Basic strategy also can lower the house edge to 0.5%, which makes blackjack the casino game with the lowest edge hands down.

Between easy to use yet highly effective strategy and the small house edge, blackjack offers so much and lends itself to being one of the top casino games out there.