The Easiest Way to Play Blackjack

Want to know what the easiest way to play blackjack is?

Really? You want to know?

It’s quite simple.

Basic strategy.

Yes, I know, I’ve talked about basic strategy before, but some things you need to go over a few times before novices and hold-outs will finally give over and use it.

But the truth is that basic strategy is the easiest way to play blackjack—online or off. All you have to do is check what the chart says to do with the two cards in your hand when faced with whatever the dealer’s up card is. It is that easy.

Basic strategy is the best statistical plays for every hand in blackjack. So not only do you have to just to what the chart says to do, you also have the knowledge that this is the best possible play for you.

That’s what basic strategy does—give you the best possible play for your hand. Over time, just by following the chart—you can lower the house edge to 0.05%. Just by doing what the chart says—no fancy calculating or math. Just hitting when it says to hit and stand when it says to stand.

And basic strategy is legal to use in casinos. There is no fear of being thrown out or barred from using basic strategy. You can bring the chart with you to the table, sit right down and play with it.

Now when you think about it, what casino game offers such an easy way to play with such awesome benefits? Any blackjack player can have that chart and not only have an easy way to play, but have the ability to lower the house edge and not be breaking casino rules.