Making the Most of a Double Down

Splitting pairs and doubling down are two of the blackjack plays deemed to be favorites. Mostly because they offer the opportunity to get a little more in one round than the average round. But of the two, double down is the preferred of the two plays. It has the ability to win more money on one hand, whereas with a split pair you might lose one hand and win the other, creating a draw. And that applies to blackjack online as well as in a casino.

But in order to take the most advantage of a double down you need to know the best times in blackjack to double down. Sure you can look on a basic strategy chart and see when those times are, but why at those times? Knowing the why can help enforce when to double down and can keep you doubling down when it

Dealing with Splitting Aces

It seems that come casinos will take one approach to what happens when a blackjack player splits Aces. Some will go with a more greedy approach in that they will only allow players to receive one more card after splitting a pair of Aces. In other words they treat it like a double down.

Then you have casinos that are on the more enlightened side of blackjack. They will allow blackjack players to hit for more cards after splitting Aces. This difference, while it sounds small, can actually make an impact on the house edge to the tune of 0.14% off their edge, which improves your own blackjack odds.

So why is this house rule such a big deal?

First off splitting Aces is not a double down and it shouldn

Three Parts to Keeping Your Edge in Blackjack

Blackjack is one, perhaps the best, casino game to play. This is owed to the fact that, if strategy is used and used correctly, it is possible to lower the house edge to 0.05%. In some cases, again, depending on how good your strategy is and how well used, you can even out the odds, if not get an edge over the dealer.

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