Best of Both Blackjack Worlds

Blackjack players love to double down. We love the feeling of knowing that we stand a pretty good shot at doubling our win on one hand. It’s that feeling of having the upper hand on the dealer.

But blackjack players also like to split pairs. Getting two hands in on a round. Having two shots at winning rather than just one.

I think this comes from being able to make plays that the dealer can’t. And they are also plays we don’t get to make every round. Hitting and standing are routine. Doubling down and splitting pairs doesn’t happen every round. That’s why we love these plays…on top of the reason that they give us a shot at winning more in a round.

Now imagine being able to do both in one round. Imagine being able to double down after splitting a pair.

It is possible. Some casinos will offer it at their blackjack tables. And you should take a seat if you find one of these games. Why? Well, doubling after splitting a pair knocks 0.14% off of the house edge, increasing your own odds.

Let’s see how this works. Say you’re at one of these blackjack tables and place a $20 wager. You’re dealt a pair of 4’s against a dealer’s 4. Basic strategy says to split. So you lay another $20 chip out and split.

The dealer then gives each of your 4’s another card. One of your 4’s receives a 6giving you a hand total of 10. Basic strategy says to double down on a hard 10 against a dealer’s 4. So you put another $20 out on the table and get your last card for that hand…and it’s a 10, giving you a hand total of 20 and $60 riding on that one hand.

We’re going to say that the dealer busts. On one hand you just won $120. On one hand. You can see now why not all casinos offer this rule at their blackjack tables. And why you need to be playing at that table when you find one that offers it.