A Bigger Blackjack Payout

Who wouldn’t want more of a payout for a blackjack? A 3-2 payout seems generous compared to those 6-5 payouts. But shrewd blackjack players don’t play at those tables anyway. But what if there was such a thing as an even bigger payout?

Well, there is. But you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled to find one of these games. But if you do find one they are well worth it. I’m talking about a blackjack payout of 2-1.

If you thought that doubling down on a third card was good in terms of what it does to the house edge, then you’re going to love this one. This rule on blackjack payouts being 2-1 reduces the house edge by 2.2%.

Two whole percents and then a little extra. Let’s show what that does. Worse case scenario you’re playing in a blackjack game with a 5% house edge. Well if it has a 2-1 payout that house edge is immediately reduced to 2.8%. One rule! And if you add basic strategy—perfect basic strategy—to that a blackjack player could just about bring the odds even. And if you’re a card counter you’re looking at walking away with some money.

The reason for the big hit to the house edge is in how much more they are paying you for a blackjack. A 3-2 payout reduces to 1.5 -1 payout. Anyone can see how 2 is bigger than 1.5.

What does that look like in money? Well if you bet $20 on a round and are dealt a blackjack in a 3-2 payout game you would only receive $30. But if you were playing in a 2-1 payout blackjack game you would receive $40.

The reason you don’t see this payout all that often is because when it is offered and the pro blackjack players hear tell of it, they flock to that casino. And they play higher stakes than the average player. Casinos can stand to lose a lot when pros swoop down on 2-1 payout blackjack games.

That’s why when you find one you want to sit down and not get up unless you have to. The house edge being reduced by 2.2% and the bigger payout is too good to pass up.