Dealing with Splitting Aces

It seems that come casinos will take one approach to what happens when a blackjack player splits Aces. Some will go with a more greedy approach in that they will only allow players to receive one more card after splitting a pair of Aces. In other words they treat it like a double down.

Then you have casinos that are on the more enlightened side of blackjack. They will allow blackjack players to hit for more cards after splitting Aces. This difference, while it sounds small, can actually make an impact on the house edge to the tune of 0.14% off their edge, which improves your own blackjack odds.

So why is this house rule such a big deal?

First off splitting Aces is not a double down and it shouldn’t be treated as such because it isn’t a double down but a splitting of a pair. From this point of view it almost seems like a cheap shot by the casinos who are too scared of their blackjack players. Yes, fear me for I am a blackjack player! Roar!

Another point of contention is that this rule of only being able to split and receive one more card only applies to pairs of Aces and no other pair. Seems a little one sided. I know that Aces are the strongest cards that a blackjack player can receive, but to really fear it this much is just silly. It’s like those little kids who make up rules because they’re sissies. “You can only have one more card when you split Aces, so na na na na!”

I think the reason that casinos put this rule in place is because they really do fear a blackjack player with an Ace. This could be because an Ace is halfway to 21, the next strongest hand behind a natural blackjack. They’re thinking that if the player is lucky and receives a low card then they might have a shot at a decent hand. But in most cases, the player will either have to reduce the Ace to 1to avoid busting or they are stuck with a stiff hand. Either way these scaredy cat casinos are trying to set a blackjack player up to lose.

This is why any blackjack player worth their chips should avoid games in which the casino treats Ace splitting like a double down. Look for blackjack games where you aren’t limited on how many cards you can receive after splitting a pair of Aces.