One More Reason the House has the Edge in Blackjack

There are several reasons why the house has the edge in blackjack. Mostly it comes from the rules and structure of the game, such as the dealer playing last. But there is one more teeny tiny principle that is often over looked when it comes to blackjack: the house’s money.

Yes, the house has money too. Where else do you think the money the dealer hands you when you win comes from? The dealer brings the house’s money to the blackjack table on behalf of the casino, and plays with the casino’s money.

The edge the house gains from its bankroll is the result of a couple of things involving said bankroll.

For one thing, the house has a lot more money to play with than you do. This enables it to keep playing and holding out longer than players can. It leads to a principle known as Gambler’s Ruin. It is the idea that a person will keep gambling until he or she has run out of money; and they will because the house can keep playing for a heck of a lot longer since there is more money in their back pocket.

There is also the matter of the wager. When playing blackjack you must place a wager at the beginning of a round in order to play. The dealer, ergo the house, does not have to place this wager. So when they lose they lose a round they are not losing a wager. When a player loses he must give up his wager. The house does not put forth any money to risk

So it is not just because of the structure of blackjack and its rules that gives it its edge. The house edge in blackjack can come about as a result of the casino’s bankroll and it is an idea that players typically do not think of. So remember that while your bankroll is limited, the casino’s is not and that they can hold that over your head, so to speak.