Jump Starting Your Blackjack Strategy

Strategy often brings to mind super hard formulas and tricks and things that will make your brain hurt. Strategy, especially for casino games where money is involved, seems particularly hard. Perhaps this is because money is on the line—money always complicates things.

But blackjack strategy does not have to be all that hard. In fact, blackjack strategy is remarkably easy. Yes, there are strategies for blackjack, such as card counting, that can take a little more mental application to learn, bring together and execute. But there is strategy for blackjack that anyone can use.

And I do mean everyone, even someone who has never played blackjack, is just in Vegas for a vacation and actually may not ever gamble again—even they can use blackjack strategy.

The key to this kind of strategy is the basic strategy chart.

All basic strategy is made up of are rows for each hand that a player could be dealt, and columns for each of the dealer up cards. Where each row and column intersects there can be found the best statistical play for that player hand and dealer up card combination. Here is the step by step for using basic strategy:

First determine what your starting hand is—do you have an Ace or is your hand a pair? If so make sure to look in the section of the chart with starting hands that have Aces (soft hands) or that show the pairs.

Next check to see what the dealer’s up card.

After you have found the row with your starting hand and the column with the dealer’s up card look to see where the row and column intersect. The play that is featured where the two meet is the best play for you to make.

Basic strategy does not mean that you will win every single hand, but because you are playing the best statistical play that you can make, you will increase your chances of winning.

And that is the easiest way to make the most of blackjack strategy—using basic strategy. All of the math and formulas and calculating has been done for you. All you need to do is make the play that is recommended.