New Blackjack Strategy or System?

I wrote a post about a new blackjack strategy released by a Dr. Kevin Whitburn. In this post I made it known that I wasn’t impressed with his strategy, stating that it sounded too-good-to-be-true and that he’s trying to make a buck on blackjack players who are looking for a system.

Apparently Dr. Whitburn read this post and wasn’t pleased that I wasn’t pleased with his strategy. I was invited to his site. So I went and looked deeper as I was invited to do. And I still stand by my initial response to his strategy.

I will give credit to Dr. Whitburn’s thirty plus years as a scientist and his devotion to blackjack. In that he believes that blackjack is unlike other casino games we are in agreement.

But I still find some suspect in his explanations. For one in an excerpt he provides on his site he explains that a strategy must be proven for it to attain wide-spread use. He then continues in the same paragraph (this can be found on page 5 of the excerpt) that MOST doesn’t need to be proven through trial in casinos. MOST is proved in the math…which he provides along with his own charts based on his own testing of his own strategy. Think about that one for a bit.

His MOST strategy, while using basic strategy, also employs Exit Range Strategy (ERS). ERS is used to exit the game based on wins or losses compared to tactical ranges.

His own testing contains a replay of the card stream. Meaning he played blackjack with the cards without using ERS, and then playing again with the cards in the exact same playing order with ERS. Dr. Whitburn feels that this is better than field testing because the randomness of the cards has been removed.

What is made clear—although clear can only be determined by the reader and their ability to comprehend the mathematical, statistical and scientific terms used in the writing—is that this is a system.

This system is to be memorized by the player without deviation. A strategy is built of components to cover a range of playing, including defensive and offensive playing. A system is fixed in place in its use. And we have already had our discussions about blackjack betting strategies versus blackjack betting systems.

For any blackjack players who are considering this system have a professor handy to decipher it. And understand this has not been field tested as Dr. Whitburn had made clear.

Dr. Whitburn is a credit to his discipline in science and his academic background; I’m sure he’s a on the higher end of capable blackjack players like any of our good old fashioned basic strategy using and card counting players. But I’m hesitant to go along with something that isn’t field tested—proof must be offered outside of a lab. And that should be applied to anything new, be it a blackjack system or a clinical drug.