Identifying a Good Blackjack Table

A shrewd blackjack player does not just walk into a casino and simply sit down at any blackjack table. No, a shrewd blackjack player will cruise the casino floor, looking and studying the tables.

He is looking for indicators of a good table. So what is he looking for?

Let’s say that there is a table of people laughing and carrying on with large stacks of chips. There’s another table with a group that is making large wagers with lots of high cards out. Then there is another table with moderate wagering with low cards on the table.

Which of these tables is the shrewd blackjack player going to sit down at?

He is going to sit down at the one with the low cards. He does this because it shows that there is a streak of low cards running. And after a run of low cards, a run of high cards will usually follow.

The reason that he doesn’t sit down at the table that already has a run of high cards going is because it’s possible the blackjack player has missed most of the run. There’s no way of knowing how long a card run will last. Because of that, a shrewd blackjack player won’t sit down at a table with a high card run already in progress.

As for the people laughing and carrying on, that’s irrelevant. They could be drinking. They could be a group of friends that having a night out. The boisterousness of a group of players doesn’t matter to your blackjack odds.

As for the size of wagers the people at these tables were making, that’s also irrelevant. You wager an amount you are comfortable with. Some blackjack players are more comfortable with higher wagers, others with smaller ones.

A shrewd blackjack player knows to studying the tables looking for a low card run because it increases his blackjack odds. And increased blackjack odds, we all know, give us better chances at taking some money home.