New Blackjack Game for Nintendo DSi

I was not a big video game kid when I was young. I did not play a lot of video games but I do remember playing Super Mario Brothers on my Super Nintendo—even a little Mortal Kombat. But Nintendo has come a long way since I was young. Now Nintendo’s big gaming devices are the Wii console and the portable DSi. And it is for the DSi that a new blackjack game has been released, making yet another way for blackjack players to play on the go.

The Nintendo DSi is a small gaming device that is highly portable. Similar to an iPhone, owners of the DSi can download games to their DSi using DSi Points. Naturally DSi points are acquired with real money.

Digital Leisure Inc. has created a game for the DSi called 21: Blackjack, available for 200 DSi Points.

I have to say that I am rather pleased with this game, and I do wish that iPhone app developers would create a blackjack app with the features that this little blackjack game gem has.

This is not only a good electronic blackjack game to play, it is also an incredible strategy learning tool. Unlike most other blackjack games, 21: Blackjack will allow players to change the number of decks they are playing with; change the payouts; splitting options; and even some of the house rules like whether or not the dealer can hit on a soft 17.

Having the ability to change the rules can allow the player to see what it is like to play in, say, a single deck game with a 6-5 payout. Sure, you can always read about why 6-5 games are bad for your odds, but with 21: Blackjack players can actually experience it without losing real money.

This little DSi game not only allows players to play in different blackjack scenarios, but it also tracks players’ stats as well. Players can see their win to loss ratio, and how many blackjacks they have been dealt, and more.

This electronic blackjack game would be perfect if it were available as a mobile app. While DSis are popular, they are not as numerous as mobile devices like iPhones, meaning this blackjack game will have limited exposure. And DSis are not as easy to tote around. If only such a blackjack game could be a mobile app.