Best Blackjack App for Your Phone

Everyone has apps on their phone these days. They have become a vital part of everyday life, and this sort of cell phone community that everyone seems to be participating in. There are apps that can connect you to complete strangers by “checking in” to certain establishments. There are apps that allow you to play scrabble with your sister across the country. There is now even an app to locate your spouse to make sure they are not cheating.

I was reading an article on Yahoo! News about all of the different applications that pretty much dictate how you live your life. One thing they discussed was various game apps, and if they are a waste of time. I was intrigued by this and decided that I wanted to find the best blackjack applications for your phone.

I found out, while sifting through many reviews that Blackjack Multi-Hand is by far the best. Not only does it allow you to play three hands at once, there is a built in tutor that will help you with your blackjack skills. This app you have to pay for though.

If you don’t want to pay, your best bets are Blackjack88 or Blackjack Classic. Like most online Casinos, these apps give you bonus chips to start with, and offer many bonuses throughout play. Some offer the option to double down and surrender, but not many.

Fantasy Blackjack App Closest to Online Blackjack

Finally we come to the end of the mobile blackjack app discussion. Over the course of this week I have discussed what mobile blackjack apps from brought us and how they have evolved. Recently what is likely to be the next push forward in blackjack mobile apps has been released, and it beings yet another element of online blackjack with it.

It is a single app found in the Apple app store called Fantasy Blackjack. This little app, created by the Palms Casino Resort in conjuncture with app developer Sevryn Mobile, allows players in a league to choose which blackjack game they play in. This app does not limit players to only one type of blackjack with one set of rules. Having other options is the element that the makes this latest app the closest to a real online blackjack experience.

Players can download the app and invite other friends of theirs who also have an iPhone to play in their league. The initiating player is known as the commissioner and he or she gets to set season details which include the length of the season. Anyone can be a commissioner, which is how the league grows.

But what is more is that players in a league can declare themselves a dealer. In a real game of blackjack the dealer sets the rules of the game, rules such as the circumstances for pair splitting and double downs as well as how many decks are used. In Fantasy Blackjack, anyone can be a dealer. The games they create are posted and players can browse the available and choose which ones they want to play in.

Because of the ability to create blackjack games and choose which games to play in, not to mention the ability to have a winner designated at the end of a season, brings the feeling of playing casino blackjack or online blackjack even more so to the mobile blackjack apps.

New Play for Real Blackjack App

Spin3 has developed yet another blackjack app for the Apple App Store. The app itself is tied to an online casino, in this case 32Red. Because of that tie, this new blackjack play for real mobile app can only be used by iPhone, iPad and iPod users in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Which is kind of a bummer for those of us that are not in the United Kingdom or Ireland.

The app, though tied to 32Red, is found through the Apple App Store. Once the player has downloaded the app, he or she is free to play what essentially amounts to online blackjack from their phone. And this is not just an ordinary app blackjack in which you are playing with pretend money. Because of that tie to a real online casino, players can play for real money on their iPhone or other Apple device.

This is another step forward that further merges online gambling with the world of mobile interaction, which is a combination that IGT has already looked into, what with their merger of their WagerWorks and Million-2-1 subsidiaries.

Honestly it does not surprise me that online casinos are working with mobile app developers to bring their casino platforms to mobile users. As it stands most online gambling takes place in the home. But people are on the go more and more, and with that comes even more reliance on mobile technology. And that is what is causing savvy online casino operators to turn to trying to put their platforms into a mobile format.

Why not playing online blackjack on your iPhone while waiting for your flight to arrive?

Right now this Spin3 created mobile play for real blackjack app is only available to players with 32Red accounts. But there are intentions of spreading the play for real blackjack app to other mobile casinos who are clients of Spin3.

New Blackjack Game for Nintendo DSi

I was not a big video game kid when I was young. I did not play a lot of video games but I do remember playing Super Mario Brothers on my Super Nintendo—even a little Mortal Kombat. But Nintendo has come a long way since I was young. Now Nintendo’s big gaming devices are the Wii console and the portable DSi. And it is for the DSi that a new blackjack game has been released, making yet another way for blackjack players to play on the go.

The Nintendo DSi is a small gaming device that is highly portable. Similar to an iPhone, owners of the DSi can download games to their DSi using DSi Points. Naturally DSi points are acquired with real money.

Digital Leisure Inc. has created a game for the DSi called 21: Blackjack, available for 200 DSi Points.

I have to say that I am rather pleased with this game, and I do wish that iPhone app developers would create a blackjack app with the features that this little blackjack game gem has.

This is not only a good electronic blackjack game to play, it is also an incredible strategy learning tool. Unlike most other blackjack games, 21: Blackjack will allow players to change the number of decks they are playing with; change the payouts; splitting options; and even some of the house rules like whether or not the dealer can hit on a soft 17.

Having the ability to change the rules can allow the player to see what it is like to play in, say, a single deck game with a 6-5 payout. Sure, you can always read about why 6-5 games are bad for your odds, but with 21: Blackjack players can actually experience it without losing real money.

This little DSi game not only allows players to play in different blackjack scenarios, but it also tracks players’ stats as well. Players can see their win to loss ratio, and how many blackjacks they have been dealt, and more.

This electronic blackjack game would be perfect if it were available as a mobile app. While DSis are popular, they are not as numerous as mobile devices like iPhones, meaning this blackjack game will have limited exposure. And DSis are not as easy to tote around. If only such a blackjack game could be a mobile app.