Incorrect Blackjack Dealer Payouts

Blackjack dealers are human just like the rest of us. While they have been trained and have practice in dealing the cards and making payouts, every now and then a mistake happens and the payout is incorrect.

By incorrect I mean that perhaps a player is paid for a push. Or the player might have lost and be paid anyway. Or the incorrect amount for a blackjack or win might be paid.

When such a thing happens novice players wonder what they should do about it and whether or not it is legal in the game.

First off, if you receive a payout that is more money than you are supposed to receive or receive one when you are not supposed to be paid it is not illegal in the casino. It is not considered cheating in blackjack. This is a mistake on the dealer’s part.

In such an instance you have a couple of choices open to you. Which one you choose depends on your own morals and ethics. Remember, you have done nothing wrong. You can keep the money. It was given to you and you are not obligated to return it. Or you can snag the dealer’s attention, make him aware of the mistake and give the payout back.

Now if you did win the round and were not given your payout, stop the dealer before he takes your cards away. If he removes them before you can draw attention to the fact that he did not pay you, stop him immediately before he deals the next round. Explain what happened in a calm voice.

When dealers pick up the cards to discard at the end of a round, they are collected very carefully and in a way that will allow them to be re-laid on the table to show a previous round. Dealers are taught this manner of collection for the purpose of setting debates. Ask the dealer in a calm voice to lay the cards back out to show him that you should have been paid.

Whenever you are trying to fix a dealer’s mistake, speak in a calm voice. No yelling. Everyone at the table will appreciate your calmness more than anger. Remember, it is just a mistake and can be corrected, but you get more accomplished by being nice.

As it stands mistakes can and will happen. You will probably encounter a payout mistake at some point when playing blackjack. Just remain calm and call the dealer’s attention to it. And if you received a payout by mistake remember that you have done nothing illegal, and that it is your choice to return the payout or not.