Enough with Third Base!

I’m not sure where this superstition came from. But wherever it issued from—actually whoever it issued from—needs to be punished.

I have never seen blackjack players get so worked up over something that is really meaningless. And it’s more annoying to try to sit at a table and play with these ignorant players constantly judging the plays that the person sitting at third base makes.

Because, yes, that’s exactly what those ignorant players are doing. They seem to think that there is something special about third base when it comes to blackjack.

See, some blackjack players firmly believe that third base can make or break the dealer’s hand based on whether they take the dealer’s bust card.

The problem with this misconception is that if the dealer wins, then these ignorant blackjack players accuse the third base player with not sacrificing their hand by taking the dealer’s bust card.

In short, if these players don’t like the outcome of the round because of the dealer’s hand, they will blame it on the third base blackjack player.

In reality the third base player has no influence what so ever on the dealer. There is no way of knowing if the card the player takes is any worse or better for the dealer. They could stand and the dealer hit for the next card, the card that the player would have gotten if he had hit.

But which is better—the card that the player passed on or the next card in the deck?

There is no way to tell. There is no way for the blackjack player sitting at third base to influence the dealer. And it would be best if these ignorant judgmental blackjack players left the player at third base alone.

Blackjack is a player versus dealer game. It is not the whole table versus the dealer. So really if one of these judgmental players wants to base their loss on the third base player, they should turn an eye to their own hand. Did they play according to basic strategy? If not, they need to work on their own blackjack strategy first before slinging mud at other players. And if they did, they need to remember that they aren’t going to win every round.

The point though is that no one can make or break the dealer. And those that believe that third base does influence the dealer need a healthy dose of reality and logic.