One More Good Thing About Online Blackjack

After a trip to the local casino this past weekend I have one more thing to be thankful to online blackjack for: no third base.

No, I am not talking about the ‘bases’ guys have in regards to making it with girls. I am talking about the seventh seat at the blackjack table, the one on the dealer’s right hand side. It is how the player in this chair is treated that just gets under my skin.

It is widely believed—too widely if you ask me—that the third base player can make or break the dealer’s hand. Let me say this right now: This is a myth.

According to this myth, the third base player can either hit and take the card that would allow the dealer to win, even if it means sacrificing the player’s own hand. Or the player can stand and pass along the card that would bust the dealer, again at the cost of the player’s hand.

There is one problem with this blackjack myth: The dealer has a hole card, and no one knows what that hole card is. If no one knows what the hole card is, how could a player in the third base chair know whether or not the draw card will make or break the dealer? That is just it—there is no way of knowing.

But when the player in the third base chair does or does not take the dealer’s bust card–depending on what the situation called for—and players at the table who do believe this convoluted myth proceed to yell or exclaim a good deal over how the third base player did not sacrifice their hand to shut the dealer down.

And it is the reactions of these players who believe and take out their belief on the third base player that make me thankful for online blackjack. Online blackjack is played solo. No third base player. No mean other players to yell at the third base player. Just a nice peaceful playing experience when playing blackjack online.

Blackjack Myths Afternoon Special

So this morning I covered the blackjack myth about the objective of the game. Now it is time for another blackjack myth discussion simply because it is Friday the 13th and something about today calls for myths, beliefs and superstitions.

Another blackjack myth that is common is the myth that the player at third base can make or break the dealer.

Third base, for those who are new and joining us, is the seventh seat at a blackjack table. Thankfully this blackjack myth does not pop up in online blackjack as it only abounds when there is a table, more players and someone in that seventh seat. Online blackjack is played one on one with the dealer so there is no seventh seat to worry about.

Under this blackjack myth it is believed that the third base player can make or break the dealer, meaning that he controls whether the dealer busts or not.

But it happens nonetheless that the third base player will hit and then the dealer will win, and his fellow players carry on that third base took the dealer’s bust card—that third base should have stood regardless of what play he needed to make. Or if third base stands and the dealer hits to a strong hand, then it is third base’s fault for not taking one of those cards the dealer needed.

The problem with this myth is that the third base player does not know what the dealer’s hole card is, and so cannot divine what play the dealer could possibly make. Also the third base player does not know what the next card in the deck is.

Since third base has no idea what card is next, nor what play the dealer will make, there is no way for third base to knowingly influence the dealer.

All you can do if you find yourself seated at the seventh seat of a blackjack table is to play your hand according to your blackjack strategy and not listen if other players complain about how you play. In all honesty they probably are not perfect blackjack players either. So disregard the third base myth and do not be afraid of sitting at third base. Also, do not complain to the third base player if you are sitting in one of the other seats.

Enough with Third Base!

I’m not sure where this superstition came from. But wherever it issued from—actually whoever it issued from—needs to be punished.

I have never seen blackjack players get so worked up over something that is really meaningless. And it’s more annoying to try to sit at a table and play with these ignorant players constantly judging the plays that the person sitting at third base makes.

Because, yes, that’s exactly what those ignorant players are doing. They seem to think that there is something special about third base when it comes to blackjack.

See, some blackjack players firmly believe that third base can make or break the dealer’s hand based on whether they take the dealer’s bust card.

The problem with this misconception is that if the dealer wins, then these ignorant blackjack players accuse the third base player with not sacrificing their hand by taking the dealer’s bust card.

In short, if these players don’t like the outcome of the round because of the dealer’s hand, they will blame it on the third base blackjack player.

In reality the third base player has no influence what so ever on the dealer. There is no way of knowing if the card the player takes is any worse or better for the dealer. They could stand and the dealer hit for the next card, the card that the player would have gotten if he had hit.

But which is better—the card that the player passed on or the next card in the deck?

There is no way to tell. There is no way for the blackjack player sitting at third base to influence the dealer. And it would be best if these ignorant judgmental blackjack players left the player at third base alone.

Blackjack is a player versus dealer game. It is not the whole table versus the dealer. So really if one of these judgmental players wants to base their loss on the third base player, they should turn an eye to their own hand. Did they play according to basic strategy? If not, they need to work on their own blackjack strategy first before slinging mud at other players. And if they did, they need to remember that they aren’t going to win every round.

The point though is that no one can make or break the dealer. And those that believe that third base does influence the dealer need a healthy dose of reality and logic.

That Third Base Chair at the Blackjack Table

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard people at a blackjack table getting up in arms about how the person at third base plays their hand. They somehow always ruin the play for the rest of the table. If they hit they’re accused of taking the dealer’s bust card. If they stand then they’re accused of not taking the card that would have allowed the dealer to get a card that would make him bust.

It seems that no one thinks that third base plays blackjack right. …Unless of course other players win their hands. Then they seem to find no fault with how third base played.

In blackjack, there is no way to tell whether that card that third base has a chance of taking or passing on will help or hurt the dealer.

The truth is that we all like to blame others when things don’t go the way we want them to. We’re late for work—it’s the fault of the guy who drove too slowly in front of you. And really? It’s no one’s fault that you lost your blackjack hand. It’s just chance. So if you want to be mad, be mad at Lady Chance. Or Lady Luck if you like.

The other truth about third base in blackjack, in addition to the fact that we like to place blame, is that there is no way to tell if that card will bust the dealer or not. And there’re two reasons for that.

One, you have no idea what that card is. Let’s pretend that I’m going to bet $100 you that the next card is not going to bust the dealer. And if it didn’t you would pay me $100. Would you actually take that bet? No, I didn’t think so. When put that way you begin to realize that you have no idea what that card is and whether it would hurt the dealer or not.

Two, the dealer has this thing called a hole card. So even if you did know what the next card in the deck was, you still wouldn’t know whether it would hurt the dealer because you don’t know what his hole card is. And without knowing what his hand total is, you have no way of knowing whether the next card in the deck could bust the dealer.

The best thing that you can do in blackjack is to not blame or put pressure on whoever is sitting at third base. They don’t have the power to affect the dealer. If you lose your hand blame it on the cards you were dealt. In this way you won’t be putting negative feelings out on the top. Just remember that in blackjack third base can’t make or break the dealer.