Fantasy Blackjack App Closest to Online Blackjack

Finally we come to the end of the mobile blackjack app discussion. Over the course of this week I have discussed what mobile blackjack apps from brought us and how they have evolved. Recently what is likely to be the next push forward in blackjack mobile apps has been released, and it beings yet another element of online blackjack with it.

It is a single app found in the Apple app store called Fantasy Blackjack. This little app, created by the Palms Casino Resort in conjuncture with app developer Sevryn Mobile, allows players in a league to choose which blackjack game they play in. This app does not limit players to only one type of blackjack with one set of rules. Having other options is the element that the makes this latest app the closest to a real online blackjack experience.

Players can download the app and invite other friends of theirs who also have an iPhone to play in their league. The initiating player is known as the commissioner and he or she gets to set season details which include the length of the season. Anyone can be a commissioner, which is how the league grows.

But what is more is that players in a league can declare themselves a dealer. In a real game of blackjack the dealer sets the rules of the game, rules such as the circumstances for pair splitting and double downs as well as how many decks are used. In Fantasy Blackjack, anyone can be a dealer. The games they create are posted and players can browse the available and choose which ones they want to play in.

Because of the ability to create blackjack games and choose which games to play in, not to mention the ability to have a winner designated at the end of a season, brings the feeling of playing casino blackjack or online blackjack even more so to the mobile blackjack apps.

Score Based Blackjack

So yesterday was the introduction of the first generation of blackjack mobile apps. And while it was really great to be able to play blackjack on the go without having to log into an online casino through your phone’s browser, there was one thing about these mobile blackjack apps that was a tad bothersome: they were lonely.

They did not allow for interaction between you and other players. Sure blackjack is a one-on-one card game anyway. But when you were sitting at the table you could at least see how well—or not so well—the other players were doing. There was something you could compare yourself to. And these first generation of mobile blackjack apps just did not allow you to compare how you were doing.

So then along came the second generation of mobile blackjack apps. Honestly they were not much different from the first ones, the game play was still the same and you were still playing with play money, but there is one major difference: you can compare yourself to others. More specifically you can compare your blackjack scores to your friends who also have the app.

At this point mobile blackjack stopped feeling so lonely. Players could ‘connect’ to their friends through comparing their scores. This brings the feel of blackjack more to the surface. The entire principle of the app—beyond the basic game of course—is centered on players’ scores and comparing them, challenging players to

And while these second generation mobile blackjack apps are not bad, there has recently surfaced a new kind of blackjack mobile app that puts even more aspects of the game in the player’s hands. How so? I will give you a small taste of tomorrow’s topic—it brings even more of the casino feeling to blackjack to the app and to your hands with more options for your blackjack playing.

Where Blackjack Apps Come From

Back on Monday I began my discussion of mobile blackjack apps. Our mobile devices are a big part of our life; they go with us just about everywhere with us, although some people even take their mobile devices into the bathroom with them. And I was going to discuss the story of the mobile blackjack app, but then New Jersey did its thing and the Assembly voted ‘yes’ to regulating online gambling in their state, and I could not pass that up.

Anyway. With mobile devices advancing in technology to give us the smartphones, such as the iPhone and Blackberry, it is only natural that explosion of mobile apps would happen. And among those mobile apps are those made for blackjack. Mobile blackjack apps allow those who have to take their blackjack on the go in a new way that does not require them to be a part of an online casino.

The most basic in mobile blackjack apps was the beginning. Such apps simply allowed the user to play with play money. This kind of free play app allowed those who were new to the game to become familiar with it without risking money.

Such an app also allows fans of blackjack who are already in the know about the game to enjoy it wherever they—and their mobile device—may be. This can be good just for entertainment but also for trying out new blackjack strategies and practice old ones.

But this first generation of blackjack mobile apps only allowed for one-on-one play. Granted that is how blackjack is played, you versus the dealer and the other players at the table do not have an impact on your hand. But there just seemed like there was something so lonely about a blackjack app. Maybe it is the notion that mobile devices are supposed to connect us more, but regardless of the reason, the first round of blackjack apps were lonely. At least I thought so.

But then came the next round of mobile blackjack apps, and these tried to make these blackjack apps more like online blackjack and less lonely. Did they succeed? Find out my thoughts tomorrow on the next round of mobile blackjack apps.

Breaking Online Gambling News Worth Interrupting Myself Over!

I know. Yesterday I said I would be comparing mobile blackjack apps and a bit of online blackjack. But that was before the news broke that the New Jersey House Assembly passed a bill that would regulate online gambling, specifically online poker, in New Jersey.

Once Governor Chris Christie signs the bill into law New Jersey will be the first state in the United States to regulate online gambling.

So take that, UIGEA!

The bill passed in the House Assembly with 63 members voting yes and only 11 saying no; and only 41 were needed for the bill to pass. The bill now goes to Governor Christie’s desk. Christie has been mum on the subject but he did promise, if elected, he would work to revitalize the economy in New Jersey. Being a state of tourism that relies heavily on the tax revenue from the Atlantic City casinos, Christie has been targeting those casinos and gambling as one way to boost the state’s struggling economy.

The online gambling regulation bill is one of five bills aimed at boosting the state’s revenue through Atlantic City.

Originally the Atlantic City casinos were against having online gambling regulated within the state, fearing that it would hurt their business even more than it already is. But portions of the bill have been rewritten and the Atlantic City casinos’ frowns turned into smileys.

The online gambling regulation bill, written by state Senator Lesniak, would give the Atlantic City casinos the first opportunity to, in short, create online casino versions of themselves. This way these established brick and mortar casino businesses would hopefully not be hurt by online gambling; instead the idea is for them to increase their profits, which will in turn increase the tax revenue that goes to the state, which will in turn help boost the New Jersey economy and fund state programs.

All round, as long as it works as intended, online gambling in New Jersey could turn out to be a very smart move on state lawmakers’ parts. Granted, it will take a bit of time to lay down the specific terms of their online gambling regulation and get the entire thing moving, but this is a very promising start to 2011.

And I will also hope this gives lawmakers on the federal level a swift kick in the shorts when it comes to online gambling regulation for the entire country.

Kinds of Mobile Blackjack Out There

It seems our lives center more and more around our mobile devices—particularly cell phones. These smartphones are more than phones, which is probably why they are called smart, they are also PDAs as well as mini computers of a sort.

Think for a moment about those iPhones—you can do the GPS thing, find the nearest location of whatever store you are looking for, download music and books, check your email. In short, they can handle many of the basic Internet functions. And this means that blackjack can go mobile with you.

There are several ways to play blackjack on the go now and all can be done on a mobile device. Granted not every single mobile device can handle blackjack on the go with every single option. Mobile devices, such as iPhones, that can go online and function like a mini computer are capable of handling mobile blackjack in a few different ways:

You can have blackjack on the go in the classic way, and simply go online with your phone to access an online casino of your choice. This would be similar to playing blackjack online on a laptop. It would be like playing in an online casino like normal but just in a very small format.

Another option, and this works if you the owner of a phone that has apps, is to download a blackjack app.

Blackjack apps, for the most part run in two varieties: the play alone and the comparing sort. Both types of blackjack apps come in a variety of qualities, and therefore in a variety of prices, ranging from free to several bucks.

The one thing that both types of apps have in common is their format. Both types will resemble the format of an online blackjack game. Visually at least. This is good because such a format is easy to understand for those who are new to online blackjack or mobile blackjack. And also because it makes the transition from online blackjack to mobile blackjack all the easier for those moving over to mobile blackjack.

Over the next couple of days we will look more at the different types of blackjack apps out there that allow us to make our blackjack mobile.

Online Blackjack, it is Not so Bad

There are a good number of people who feel that blackjack played at a table in a real brick and mortar casino is the only good way to play the game. I would have to disagree with this. True I cannot use card counting when playing online blackjack, and card counting is one of those classic, glamorous things associated with blackjack.

But on the other hand, it is winter right now and I do not have to go out in the cold to head to a casino to play blackjack. All I need to do is pull up a chair at my computer and log in to my favorite online casino.

Some other benefits to online blackjack is that I do not have the distractions that are found in a casino. No yelling from the craps table. No slot machines making dings and buzzes and their myriad other noises. Instead of trying to drown out all these other noises, I can focus on my game and on my blackjack strategy.

And speaking of blackjack strategy, they are all at my fingertips. If I need a basic strategy chart I can do a quick search for one and pull it up. I can also keep the instructions for a new blackjack strategy open in another window, rather than having to memorize them and hope I remember them to take along in my mind with me to the casino.

Then there is the free practice. The majority of online casinos offer free-play modes. Free-play modes allow players to try out a new strategy without leaving home (see above paragraph). It can also allow players to practice a strategy they already know and want to improve on; or to try out a variation of blackjack without having to wager anything. There is no such thing as playing for free in a brick and mortar casino; the best you can do is to find a low stakes table.

So I do not want to hear that blackjack in a brick and mortar casino cannot compare to online blackjack. There are plenty of ways that online blackjack surpasses blackjack in a casino—especially that free play!

Counting 10s and Insurance

In the last couple of posts we have pieced together that card counting can help us with insurance. We all understand that card counting will allow us to know when the remaining cards contain more high cards than low. So what does this have to do with turning insurance to our benefit?

High cards include 10s. And insurance is a side bet on whether the dealer’s hole card is worth 10 or not. Now put two and two together—it is a hard 4. No, I am kidding. Bad blackjack joke. If the, when counting cards, you find that a significant number of low cards have been played and the remaining deck is rich in high cards it means that the chances of the dealer’s hole card being worth 10 are increased.

This means that it is not a good time to take insurance.

Now keep in mind that I am not an insurance advocate for blackjack. It is a side bet and I am steadfastly against side bets. But if you are dead set on taking insurance and are playing in a brick and mortar casino where you can count cards, do not take insurance when the remaining deck is rich in high cards. This means that if you are going to risk the side bet—I mean, insure your hand—you only want to do it when the remaining cards are rich in low cards.

Unfortunately card counting cannot be used in online blackjack because of that RNG, but you can use card counting to turn insurance a bit in your favor. You know now that you can use card counting to know if the chances are increased for the dealer to have a card worth 10 for a hole card when the remaining deck is running rich in high cards.

Now you can take that knowledge and choose to wager on the hole card or not when offered insurance. For example, if you have a hard hand and the dealer has an Ace up and you have counted the card and figured that the remaining deck is rich in high cards—meaning the dealer’s chances of having a 10 for a hole card are increased—taking insurance might not be a bad thing; you know you have a weak hand and that the remaining cards favor the dealer in this case.

That is how knowing how the richness of the remaining deck can help you to decide whether taking insurance at the blackjack table might benefit you.

Card Counting and Insurance Together

If you recall my last post I discussed what exactly insurance is in blackjack. This was my opener to my overall explanation that insurance can in fact be used in the grand scheme to make money from blackjack. But such a trick is not for the newly green players of blackjack. And it is not for online blackjack play, but that is because card counting is necessary to turn insurance to your advantage.

Blackjack is one of those casino games that players can use strategy to turn the odds in towards them. Card counting is a blackjack strategy of skill that can actually allow the player to turn the game’s overall odds in their favor and beat the house. This is because card counting allows the player to have a good idea of whether the remaining deck is rich in high or low cards. It is that same principle that allows card counting blackjack players to actually take advantage of insurance.

Remember from my last post that I said that all insurance is, is a side bet on whether or not the dealer’s hole card will turn out to be a 10 value card.

This translates over to card counting like so: 10 value cards are considering high cards. If, through counting cards, a blackjack player knows that the remaining cards are rich in high cards—meaning rich in Aces and 10 value cards—it means that the chances of the dealer’s hole card being worth 10 are increased. This is similar to how the chances of a player being dealt a natural blackjack are increased when the remaining cards are rich in high cards.

So the beginning of our blackjack strategy for taking advantage of insurance is to use card counting. And that means developing your skills in counting cards. But do not run off to the casino, counting cards and taking insurance if the deck is rich in high cards—there is one more piece that goes along with this blackjack strategy