Betting Systems Are a No!

At times betting systems will tempt blackjack players from time to time. They just seem so easy to use and to turn a profit with. But there is a major problem with betting systems and blackjack.

First, a betting system is a method of choosing how to bet each round of blackjack. These systems dictate to players when to raise and lower their bets. These betting systems are progressive in nature and that is what is inherently wrong with them.

You can see the progressive nature of a betting strategy by looking at one of the two most commonly used betting systems: the Martingale method. Players that use the Martingale system will double their bet when they lose a round. So if you lost a $10 wager, you would wager $20 on the next; if you lost that round you would wager $40 on the next. This doubling continues until the player wins a round, and then returns to their original betting amount.

The reason this progressive idea of betting in blackjack is a bad idea can be attributed to the nature of a round of blackjack. Each round in blackjack is independent of the last one. This means that there

Economy Hits Colorado Blackjack

It seems that overall numbers are down in terms of revenue in the casino industry. This is probably in part to a down economy in America and also to the increase in popularity of online gambling. But like any good business, the casinos are finding ways to strike back and try to boost their money intake. Unfortunately this will have to come from players.

This can be seen in Colorado where it