Payouts in Super Fun 21

Super Fun 21 is a blackjack game that is a variation of the original game form. There are a few different house rules—some good and some bad. But of all the variations, which I still do not recommend playing, Super Fun 21 is the one with the lowest house edge of all the different blackjack games.

First let’s take a look at the house rules that have changed a bit.

First off all player blackjack wins. There is no topping a player blackjack, not even for the dealer. Even if the dealer also has a natural blackjack, he will still lose to the player—not a push, but a full win.

However, to counter this nice happy house rule, blackjack will only pay even money, or a 1-1 payout. The only blackjack that pays differently is if both the Ace and the 10 value card are diamonds. Then the payout is 2-1.

You might be thinking that settling for even money payouts and the occasional 2-1 payout is a fair trade for having a blackjack that wins no matter what.

You would be thinking wrong, and you would be settling.

Of all of the blackjack that can happen in a game, only one in every sixteen blackjack will be made up of two cards that are both diamonds. That translates into 93.75% of those blackjacks not having diamonds, and a 93.75% chance that you will only be receiving even money for your blackjack.

Over time the amount of money lost in even money and the occasionally 2-1 payouts will add up. Let’s say that you have played enough $10 rounds to have 100 blackjacks. In a regular game of blackjack those $100 blackjack would have given you $1,500.

But according to Super Fun 21 rules, and rounding the 93.75% to 94% to simplify math, you would be making $940 in even money payouts and $120 in the Super Fun 21 diamond blackjack payouts; that brings you to a grand total of $1,060. That is a $440 difference that you lost from playing Super Fun 21. Imagine what you would lose if you were wagering more than $10 per round.

So despite that with a specialized basic strategy played perfectly that can reduce the house edge to 0.8%, the money lost is still just too much for this blackjack variation.

Blackjack Side Bets and Variations

It’s been awhile since I’ve talked about blackjack variations. I think the last one I talked about was a newer variation called Streak. But I’m not going to talk about that one right now. Instead I’m going to talk about a fairly common blackjack variation that is pretty common in online casinos: Super 21. This snake in the grass is also known as Super Fun 21.

While it’s a pretty common offering online Super Fun 21 online, it didn’t originate online. It of course came from a regular casino. This blackjack variation was supposed to be played with one deck. But with the programming and RNG to maintain randomness in online games, the benefit of a single deck game is taken away.

In a casino, a single deck game offers good odds as long as it has a 3-2 payout. Most don’t, including Super Fun 21. But at least a card count could still count the cards and manage his betting strategy despite there being no 3-2 payout.

But card counting can’t be done online. So the benefit of a single deck game is ruined. You might was well play the game with eight. And because of the RNG there is no way to tell for certain that the game is being played with a single deck online.

Now I already mentioned that Super Fun 21 doesn’t have a 3-2 payout. So what does it have? 6-5? Nope. In this blackjack variation the payout for being dealt a natural 21 will only give you an even money payout which is terrible for your blackjack odds.

This blackjack variation does give a couple of concessions to the players though. Players are allowed to double down on any number cards, not just the first two they are dealt. Players can also surrender after doubling, which would normally offer some pretty decent odds for the blackjack player.

But that even money payout wipes away all benefit found in those concessions. An even money payout raises the house edge 0.95%. So since we’re not in a 3-2 game—which would have a starting house edge of 5.45%–Super Fun 21 has a starting house edge of 8.75%. Granted this is before applying strategy, but the odds are still dismal to begin with.

The changes made in a blackjack variation are almost never to a player’s advantage, and are usually designed for those who like their blackjack to be riskier. But these variations are designed to pull more money from the blackjack players. Seeing how common it is online is disturbing, and it should be avoided by any blackjack player who doesn’t want to throw their money away.