Economy Hits Colorado Blackjack

It seems that overall numbers are down in terms of revenue in the casino industry. This is probably in part to a down economy in America and also to the increase in popularity of online gambling. But like any good business, the casinos are finding ways to strike back and try to boost their money intake. Unfortunately this will have to come from players.

This can be seen in Colorado where it’s been approved to allow casinos to lower the payout on their blackjack games from 3-2 down to the infamous 6-5. This went into effect on April 30th.

The lowering of the payout is at the casinos’ discretions though, and they aren’t unreasonable. They do know that blackjack players are not idiots and are aware that 6-5 payouts aren’t good for their player odds. This puts Colorado casino operators in a bit of a hard place: lower the payout and risk losing players to other casinos that don’t lower the payout, or keep the payout where it is and hope that they will make enough in revenue from blackjack for the decision to be profitable.

Initially casino operators have overall seemed to be leaning on leaving their existing multi-deck blackjack tables at the 3-2 payout. But their single deck games will most likely be converted over to the 6-5 payout. Also a possible switch to the 6-5 payouts are the blackjack variation table. This would include games such as Double Exposure Blackjack and Super Fun 21.

While I’m not a fan of blackjack variations that feature side bets, I’m kind of sad to see them lose their 3-2 payouts. Such variations already are taking more money from players, giving players worse odds because of the stronger house edge. But giving these games a 6-5 payout makes them almost not worth it—more money being lost in side bets and then a lower payout for blackjack on top of it.

My advice for blackjack players who are visiting the Colorado casinos is to stick to the multi-deck games and bring along their basic strategy charts. Those tables along with basic strategy are a player’s best shot at making some money on blackjack. Just make sure you stick with tables that payout 3-2 and avoid any with a 6-5 payout.