Double Down for the Win!

Doubling down is one of my favorite plays in blackjack. Anytime I have a hand that I can double down on I do it. It’s exciting. I love doubling down so much that those hands that should be doubled down on were the first ones I memorized off of the basic strategy chart.

So why do I like doubling down so much?

Let’s start with what it does money-wise for a blackjack player. Let’s say that I’ve wagered $10 on a hand, and I’m dealt a hard 10 against a dealer’s 7. This is one of the hands that basic strategy says to double down on. So I’ll lay out another $10 and get only one more card, which turns out to be a 9, giving me a hard 19. The dealer winds up busting. And I receive a payout of $40 rather than the $20 I would have received if I hadn’t doubled down.

And that is the money beauty of doubling down in blackjack—you can make twice the payout in one hand. Normally $40 would have to be won off of two hands. But doubling down allows you to make money a little faster.

Not to mean what doubling down does to the housed edge. And that is the other beautiful aspect of doubling down in blackjack.

Doubling down is the blackjack play that has the biggest hit to the house’s edge. And we all know that the more that we can hit the house edge, the better our own blackjack odds are. So what does double down do to the house edge? It reduces it by 1.6%. And that’s a big hit to them and why you need to be doubling down whenever basic strategy advises it.

But there’s one more good aspect to doubling down: it can be used in regular casino blackjack and in online blackjack. The most advantageous times to double down doesn’t change just because you’re playing blackjack online. So that better payout and 1.6% to the house edge will still apply when playing online. Having that versatility can help when going back and forth between regular casino blackjack and online blackjack.