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History of the Griffin Agency and the Griffin Books

Robert Griffin's stab at prohibiting card counting

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Robert Griffin was a Las Vegas private eye who, in 1967, thought of putting together a book of mug shots of card counters and gambling cheats. His timing couldn't have been better, since Vegas casinos were beside themselves trying to solve the "card counting problem". Originally there was just one "Griffin Book", but now it's a multi-volume set called Griffin Books.

Griffin's company, Griffin Investigations, Inc. included in their promotional brochure their company's mission: "providing surveillance and investigative services to casinos".

As a result of Griffin's efforts, many professional blackjack players had to begin playing in disguise and under assumed names.

Now, in the 21st century, Griffin Investigations also offers an online database as well as their original print book. In addition to their database of card counters, Griffin maintains a database of jackpot winners so they can pinpoint potential fraud among jackpot winners too. The company also uses new biometric technology which can recognize advantage players even when they're in disguise.

On September 13, 2005, The Las Vegas Sun reported that Griffin Investigations had filed for bankruptcy protection. Michael Russo and James Grosjean have succcessfully sued Griffin Investigations for defamation. Apparently they were improperly detained, labeled as cheaters, and arrested based on information from Griffin Investigations. The damages and legal costs of this suit led to Griffin's bankruptcy filing.

The rest of the history of blackjack card counting resides mostly in the biographies of some of card counting's historical figures. The following biographies are recommended:

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